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Xbox to Host Big Business Update This Thursday

After Phil Spencer promised a “vision for the future of Xbox” this week, it looks like Microsoft has confirmed that a big business update will happen in the next Xbox podcast. It’s billed as a “special edition” podcast which features Microsoft’s head of gaming Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty and president of Microsoft Sarah Bond. It’s believed that Xbox will openly address recent rumours and speculation that its exclusives will be going to other platforms in the future.

The rumours originated from XboxEra when it was claimed that Starfield, Hi-Fi Rush and other Xbox exclusives would reportedly be heading to PS5, Nintendo Switch and rival platforms. The rumours eventually got out of hand with several media outlets reporting on different first-party Xbox games making their way to other consoles. Spencer released a statement shortly after assuring fans that they’ve heard the rumours and will address them in a business update soon.

We finally have confirmation of that big business update which is set to take place on Thursday, 15 February at 12PM PT / 3PM ET / 8PM GMT or 10PM CAT (local time).

The announcements will happen on the Official Xbox Podcast with Spencer, Booty and Bond. It’s unclear what will be revealed, though many are expecting Xbox to either outright confirm or deny reports that several of its first-party games will be heading to other platforms. Others suggest that it will be a slow roll-out with the bigger games like Starfield or Indiana Jones and The Great Circle being timed exclusives, while Hi-Fi Rush will be the first title to go multi-platform.

We’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for the future of Xbox.

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