Xbox Wireless Headset South African Pre-Orders Open This Friday
"You can pre-order the headset this week"
Xbox Wireless Headset South Africa
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South Africans will be able to pre-order the new Xbox Wireless Headset starting this Friday. According to local distributor Prima Interactive, pre-orders for the new (and pretty awesome) wireless headset will open this Friday at various retailers in SA. Although release date and pricing details are scarce at this point, we do know that Microsoft originally priced the headset at just under R2,000 when we covered the announcement back in March. However, given the steep price jump in gaming since its initial announcement, don’t bank on the original R1,799 price point. The company also planned on releasing the headset in SA on 28 May 2021. Whether or not that date is still set is unclear at this point.


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The Xbox Wireless Headset launched back in March in the US and other regions. The accessory has been praised for its stellar price tag in combination with fantastic audio and a tailor-made Xbox experience thanks to its built-in application support. The headset pairs directly to the Xbox console without the need for a dongle, cable or base station.

Xbox Wireless Headset South Africa

It boasts surround sound through Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone X. Keep in mind that Microsoft still plans on rolling out Dolby Atmos support for games so this accessory could be a great investment for things to come.

Other features include:

  • Use auto-mute and voice isolation to reduce noise interruption for crystal-clear chat
  • Adjust your volume and game/chat levels with the rotating earcup dials
  • Enjoy up to 15 hours of battery life with the internal, rechargeable battery
  • Flexible, lightweight design with an adjustable headband
  • Connect to mobile devices via Bluetoothยฎ for on-the-go music or chat
  • Pair to your phone and Xbox simultaneously to chat with a friend on your phone and play on your console at the same time
  • Fine-tune your experience with the Xbox Accessories app


Hopefully, we will be able to provide a review for the headset ahead of its launch later this month. I have been keen to test the accessory out.


Microsoft Announces New Xbox Wireless Headset For R1799






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