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Xbox’s Sonic Giveaway Console is ‘Furry’ Fugly

Xbox and Sonic The Hedgehog are offering a pair of Sonic branded Xbox bundles, which will include furry controllers, straight out of the 70’s. The bundle is part of the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 movie promotion, which releases in April this year. 

Xbox made the announcement in their Xbox Wire blog, with the most recent post discussing the details on how one could get their hands on these exclusive “textured” controllers, along with the Sonic branded Xbox included in the bundle. Of course, these cannot be bought, and can only be won in this competition, and we think that’s the right call on Xbox’s behalf. 

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In the blog post, Xbox spoke more on the details of the promotion, and – to their credit – tried their hardest to avoid using the term “furry”, or “fuzzy” for that matter, and instead described the controllers as “textured coatings reminiscent of the ‘bristly’ texture of hedgehogs in the wild”, which is *checks notes, looks at hedgehog* fluffy, supposedly. 


Sonic Controller Sweepstakes Sonic Controller Sweepstakes

Hedgehog texture research aside, these controllers are far more reminiscent of 70’s-inspired shaggy carpets, or the material used to create the costumes used on Sesame Street. Aesthetically, they are not the worst thing in the world to look at, and they are certainly going to be a showpiece, however, the practicality – more than anything – of the controllers seems to be lacking quite severely, as the “bristles” seem to cover the buttons quite easily. I don’t see intense boss battles in titles such as Elden Ring going well when you have to combat the “hedgehog texture” in your hand, as well as the on-screen boss. Also, how does one clean these? Actually, I would rather not know. 

The controllers will come in Sonic Blue and Knuckles Red – would love to see the hedgehogs Microsoft is using for testing – with an image of Sonic and Knuckles on the Xbox itself, set below a golden ring surrounding the air vent of the console. If you would like the chance of winning these magnificent creations for yourself, you can enter the sweepstakes contest here, as entry is open to any Xbox Live supported country. 

Paramount and SEGA are already set to create a third Sonic The Hedgehog movie, as well as a live-action series, with the former having no release date as yet, and the latter set to release in 2023. The series will focus on Knuckles and will be voice by Idris Elba.

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