XDefiant is Ubisoft’s Free-To-Play Shooter Set in Tom Clancy’s Universe
"A live-service game"
XDefiant Tom Clancy's Ubisoft
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Ubisoft wasn’t joking around when the company announced it was going to shift focus to more free-to-play titles with a live service element. The latest game to join that roster is XDefiant, a free-to-play shooter set in Tom Clancy’s universe.

XDefiant is a sort of Call of Duty meets Overwatch mix-up. The game modes revolve around 6v6, team-based objectives and players pick different classes that boast a wide range of skills and abilities. Some are healers, some are tanks and some deal more damage than others. You can deploy shields to protect your team and even use a flamethrower if you choose a specific class.


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Each class has its own set of abilities that rely on a cooldown mechanic. XDefiant also features a unique weapon customization system and Ubisoft says the gunplay in the game has been designed to feel as real and authentic as possible.

The big sell for XDefiant is the fact that it is based on Tom Clancy’s franchise. This means that the game not only features elements from the video game series but also characters, items and even maps inspired by previous games. Perhaps players can look forward to seeing some Splinter Cell cross-overs in the future? Who knows?

Ubisoft is set to kick off the first playtest sessions for XDefiant on 5 August for PC players. This phase will not only allow players to test out the game but also provide feedback to the developers on certain aspects of the gameplay. Ubisoft says that they have built XDefiant with a strong player-developer relationship in mind. They want players to have a say in everything they do (if only they listened to what games we wanted).

You can head over to the XDefiant site here to sign up for the playtest. It is limited in capacity so the sooner you register the better. Watch the trailer down below. XDefiant plans to launch on PS5 and Xbox sometime in the future.






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