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XDefiant Testers Need to Close Their Curtains While Playing The Game

Ubisoft really wants to keep the upcoming XDefiant test under wraps. So much so that the company has requested players close their curtains when they are playing the game. You know, so people don’t stand outside and film you playing the Tom Clancy’s game that literally no one asked for.

The developer sent out the NDA to XDefiant beta testers and it detailed the content that should remain private. By the sound of things, Ubisoft doesn’t want anything shared at all. Compared to previous game NDAs, it locks down everything. One specific note is the concerns surrounding privacy. Ubisoft has asked that should you play XDefiant in a room with windows, you need to keep your curtains closed.


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Another note to mention is the in-person restrictions. In the NDA, Ubisoft says that you are not allowed to show the game to anyone inside your own home. The two lines read:

· If I participate to the Test in a room with a window, I keep the curtains closed;

· I participate to the Test alone: I will not invite anyone (including family members) to my session;

The second note doesn’t sound that crazy. NDAs usually restrict showing the game to other people who aren’t under the agreement. This is to prevent them from filming and recording the screen. Often, video game footage is leaked and filmed off-screen by a bystander so Ubisoft is just taking the necessary precautions here. However, keeping your curtains drawn during the playtest is a little over-the-top.

I do have to say this is not the first time I have seen an NDA mention this restriction. I signed an NDA last year for a specific new console where it stated I had to keep my curtains drawn when the console was out and in use. In addition, the console was restricted to my use only and could not even be seen by my family.

You can read more about XDefiant here. The game’s beta test is opening up soon but only for the US and Canada. Watch the trailer down below.

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