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Xiaomi Mesh and Networking Tech Wins on Price, Features and Usability

If you’re looking for a Wi-Fi mesh system for your home Xiaomi has quite a robust lineup of products to make that possible. For those who don’t know, a Wi-Fi mesh system allows you to set up a full blanket Wi-Fi array in your home and business so that wherever you are on the property, you’ll get an uninterrupted network connection performing at its best possible rate.

A Wi-Fi mesh system often relies on high-end networking hardware and depending on the size of your property, can set you back quite a lot of money. It is also quite a challenge to install and get running. Thankfully, Xiaomi aims to tackle these issues with its AX3000 range.

The company has other networking hardware such as the AC1200 and 4C but I will discuss where these devices come in handy later on. First, the AX3000 is a state-of-the-art Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 setup. It is available in a single device, in a pack of 2 devices but you can also get a 4-pack if you have larger space to cover.

With 2 of these AX3000 devices, you can cover up to 4,000 square feet of space and add up to 10 devices in total for extremely large properties.

Think of a Wi-Fi mesh as a large blanket of signal that covers your household. The AX3000 pair are positioned on either end of your house and seamlessly connects to one another. They then share one connection from the source which would be your router.

Xiaomi AX3000

When you set up a mesh Wi-Fi, every connection under this blanket takes on the same Wi-Fi name and password so you don’t have to log on and enter the password more than once per device.

The AX3000 also boasts some impressive specs. On the Wi-Fi speed front, it includes Wi-Fi 6 and offers 2.5GHz and 5GHz connection speeds. This means the device is dual-band and will support new and old tech that relies on these different signals. It will also automatically connect 5GHz tech to the right band and 2.5GHz tech to the lower band without any hassle.

The dual-band speed promises up to 2976Mbps meaning your super-fast internet will take full advantage of these routers to deliver the best possible speeds in your home and business.

Xiaomi AX3000

You can also use the AX3000 as a wired router thanks to its 3 Gigabit LAN ports and 1 Gigabit WAN port. This means you’re not restricted to only using the Wi-Fi and where possible, you can benefit from the network speeds over the Gigabit LAN.

The AX3000 also supports MU-MIMO and OFDMA which is the technology created to help reduce congestion on a network. Thanks to this support, you can connect over 200 Wi-Fi devices to your mesh system without it compromising the quality of the network. This helps busy homes where everyone is trying to access the Wi-Fi, play games and stream content all at the same time.

Of course, the range is the biggest reason why you will opt for a mesh system and the AX3000 promises to eliminate all dead zones thanks to its versatile node system. You can start out with just one of these devices and slowly add more as you need. If you feel like the network connection and signal isn’t the best, say upstairs in your home, you can add an extra AX3000 to your current set-up to extend this. Every unit also comes pre-configured out of the box and thanks to its easy Mesh Mode button, you can quickly sync the devices together.

The AX3000 is also energy efficient. If a node detects that nothing is actively transmitting a signal after a certain duration, the node will enter sleep mode to reduce the average power consumption. This extends the battery life and during loadshedding, reduces the drain on your current power backups.

Xiaomi AX3000

But if you think the AX3000 is overkill and don’t need the speeds due to your internet service being unable to take full advantage of the Wi-Fi 6, Xiaomi has other options available to create a full-coverage network set up in your home.

First off is the Xiaomi Wireless Router 4C. This is a 300Mbps wireless router that includes four antennas with a signal strength of 5dBi. Its stable Wi-Fi would be perfect for those on a lower-speed internet connection and the range is enough to fit a small household.

If you need more coverage, Xiaomi then has the AC1200 Range Extender that can plug directly into the 4C router and extend your signal beyond the origin point. The AC1200 supports both dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz at a combined speed of 1200Mbps.

Xiaomi AC1200

Both the Xiaomi 4C and AC1200 support the Mi Home App so you can manage your connection and tweak your settings without having to log into the backend of your router.

So looking back, Xiaomi provides quite a number of wireless methods to enhance your Wi-Fi experience. From the AX3000 which offers a robust mesh system to cover large areas of space to the smaller 4C router and AC1200 combo.

You can find out more about these products on the website links down below. We have included some retail partners in case you’re looking at picking some of these devices up.

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