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You Can Customize The PS5 DualSense Controller With DualShock 4 Parts

If you dislike the PS5 DualSense controller then there’s something you can do about it. Multiple users have gotten their hands on the device early thanks to retailers shipping them and stocking them in store. This has allowed people to pick them up and start experimenting with the controller. We know the PS5 DualSense controller is quite different from the DualShock 4 but thankfully, Sony left much of it the same which means you can customize with parts from the DualShock 4.


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Over on Reddit, many users have started sharing their customized DualSense controller which they built using parts from the DualShock. For starters, the white buttons on the new controller can be replaced with the coloured buttons on the DualShock. In addition, users can also take the white D-Pad out and replace it with the black one.

For those who customize their controllers with aluminium analogue sticks, you are in luck. Sony has not changed the analogue mechanism at all in the new PS5 DualSense controller. This means you can pop out those rubber ones which get damaged quite easily due to the R3 and L3 motion and pop in your metal ones. The nub size is the same and so is the hole which is great news.

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One user went as far as to paint his controller too. I have to say it looks pretty awesome in black and might not be so hard thanks to the shell easily popping off. However, that is more advanced for my liking. I spent a lot of time customizing my DualShock 4 controllers especially with metal analogue sticks and I might just do the same thing on the PS5 DualSense. First thing I will do is take those terrible white buttons and d-pad off and swap them out for the black and coloured versions.

Of course, this means users will have to open the controller and get inside it. The PS4 DualShock controller was pretty easy to open up and fiddle with and from what I have seen the DualSense is the same. However, this risk is completely up to you.

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