You Can Finally Play The Complete Black Mesa with Xen Levels and Ending
Black Mesa Xen Levels Ending Crowbar Collective Half-Life Steam
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For those who don’t know, Black Mesa is the Valve-sanctioned remake of the original Half-Life that has seen rave reviews from gamers over the past several years. Built from the ground up by the Crowbar Collective, the game has been in development in some form or another for well over a decade and now, finally, those who own Black Mesa on Steam can play the Xen levels and the ending.

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Crowbar Collective announced this fantastic news on Steam and while the Xen levels and ending are still in beta form, anyone who owns the game (at R130 now on Steam) can jump in and play the iconic final levels. This isn’t just a remake of the original Xen levels with prettier graphics either, as Crowbar Collective has made their own version with a bunch of new areas, enemies and puzzles.

If you own the game, here’s how you can play the public beta for the Xen levels, or play the game from start to finish if you want:

  • Select “Black Mesa” in your library
  • Right click and go to properties
  • Select the “BETAS” tab at the top right
  • Click the drop down and select “public-beta”

The Crowbar Collective thanked players for all the feedback and explained in the announcement post that:

The whole of Black Mesa, from beginning to end, is available on “public-beta”. We are so pumped to have this out. We appreciate the feedback from the community; as we said before, it has proved invaluable.

Keep in mind that this is still in beta form so some issues might arise. The developer feels that some areas might be too difficult, while others might be too easy, but they will take community feedback into account and adjust as things move along.

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Are you excited to play the final Black Mesa Xen levels and do you plan on playing this awesome remake of the original Half-Life? Let us know in the comment section below.






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