You Can Now Play Days Gone in First Person With This New Mod
"Days Gone is now a FPS"
Days Gone Review Days Gone Mod
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A modder has released a new Days Gone mod that is slowly turning the game from third-person survival horror into a first-person experience. The Days Gone mod simply called “First Person Camera Mod” tweaks the game’s camera in certain areas to create a first-person perspective.

While the Days Gone mod is still a work in progress, the modder noplaymaker says that if there is more demand for other features he will be happy to release them. At the moment, the Days Gone mod allows players to change the follow camera from third to first-person. In addition, crouching, sprinting and general exploration is also in first-person.


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Keep in mind that combat with the Days Gone mod installed is still in third-person. This is most likely due to the sheer scale and intensity of the experience. Of which, would be a challenge to play in first-person. However, the modder claims that if there is a demand for it, he will add it in.

  • Follow camera has been changed to first person.
  •  Crouch and sprint have been changed to first person.
  • Jumping through windows and interiors are first person.
  • Hiding in bushes are currently first person, but if you can delete the BendPlayerCamBush in the cameras folder to go back to third.
  • Combat has been left in third person due to it being the best looking for now, but if you want it first I can mod the file for you guys.
  • Climbing ladders were left in third, but can go in first if needed.
  • I’ve left vehicles in third for now because most people prefer that camera view anyway so you don’t run into things.

You can head over to the Days Gone mod page over on Nexus Mods to download and install it. This is one of the many mods available for the once-PlayStation exclusive title. You can find others that include improved lighting, reshader mods and more here.

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