You Can Now Try Wanking Simulator For Free on Steam

Wanking Simulator Steam Demo
You Can Now Try Wanking Simulator For Free on Steam

What can I say? When you get an email about a free demo of Wanking Simulator being on Steam, one has to share the news. Wanking Simulator was announced a few months back and the name of the game is just as strange as the game itself.

The game is described as a “masturbation chaos” experience as players take control of Winston Gay who, to be frank, masturbated too loudly for his own good. His neighbours were unhappy with the sounds coming out of his house so they alerted the authorities which sparked a battle between Winston and the people of his town called Gay Bay.

Wanking Simulator does not contain any nudity, body fluids or the appearance of genital organs if you were wondering. Instead, the game is actually a multi-mode experience where players can fight enemies in a large open world in the story mode, compete in an arena-like mode, complete challenges and much more.

According to the developer, Wanking Simulator features a unique gameplay experience along with a crazy and unpredictable story, humour, diverse locations, a lack of political correctness, driving mechanics, spells and other chaos-making mechanics.

The demo is now live on Steam for those who are interested in trying the game out. The full release is scheduled for a Q1 of 2020 release so expect it out sometime in the next few months. In the meantime, head over to Steam and give the game a go. It sounds quite interesting indeed.

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