You Can Play Outriders For Free on Steam This Week

"Play free until Thursday 23rd of June"

Outriders Review
You Can Play Outriders For Free on Steam This Week

If you aren’t subscribed to Xbox Game Pass and are still looking for an opportunity to try out Outriders then now is your chance. You can play the whole of Outriders for free on Steam this week in anticipation of the upcoming expansion.

Developer People Can Fly’s sci-fi shooter launched in April last year and is expecting its first major expansion, Worldslayer. In anticipation of this update, players can enjoy the entire game for free on Steam until Thursday the 23rd of June.

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Outriders landed on Xbox Game Pass not long after its launch, giving more players a chance to dive into the Square Enix-published title. The move saw an increase in its player base with many fans (myself included) enjoying the Destiny-esque shooter.

Outriders sees a colony of humans venture into the deep reaches of space to find a new planet to settle and call home since Earth was almost completely destroyed due to climate change and war. However, this new world is not as it seems, with the initial scouting party encountering terrifying electrical storms with incredibly unexpected consequences. Without spoiling too much, you are a warrior who wakes up sometime later to a world that is oddly reminiscent of the one you left behind.

While Outriders doesn’t do all that much to set itself apart from the bin of sci-fi shooters, there are some really cool aesthetics, powers and environments that make it quite enjoyable. Fans of Destiny and Warframe should have a pretty good time, especially if you squad up with friends or matchmaking. A solo experience is definitely an option as well, although some encounters can be quite challenging, as they are designed with squad-based raid mechanics in mind.

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