A while back I reported on the crazy 24k gold PS5 console made by Truly Exquisite. Right after Sony announced the console back in June, the gold-plating brand revealed their range. Well, this week you can pre-order the PS5 starting on 10 September 2020. Truly Exquisite is opening PS5 pre-orders for their lavish gold range including the 24k, 18k and platinum models.


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You are going to have to get that money you owed your aunty though. The PS5 pre-orders cost a lot of money, especially in gold and platinum. In order to afford the cheapest PlayStation 5 console, you’ll need around R175,000 excluding shipping and taxes. If you want to splurge on the most boogie device then it will set you back R182,000. Even purchasing a PlayStation 5 DualSense or headset is costly.

  • 24K Gold Digital Console – £7999 (R175,000)
  • 18k Rose Gold Digital Console – £8099 (R177,000)
  • Platinum Digital Console – £8199 (R179,000)
  • 24K Gold Disc Console – £8099 (R177,000)
  • 18k Rose Gold Disc Console – £8199 (R179,000)
  • Platinum Disc Console – £8299 (R182,000)
  • PS5 DualSense Controller – £649 (R14,000)
  • PS5 Pulse Headset – £399 (R8,700)


I told you it would be a costly purchase. According to Truly Exquisite, the devices are also extremely limited. Only 250 of each model are being produced. In addition, if you buy any device, you get two PS5 DualSense Controllers and a 3D Pulse Wireless Headset too. At least they give you some extra goodies. The device also ships in a fancy wooden display case with free shipping and insurance… For that peace of mind.

One thing to note here is that the consoles have a £100 price difference which may hint at the same possibility for the normal editions. Also, 10 September 2020 could mean that Sony may open up pre-orders for the device? We don’t know yet but this is the first time we have seen any sort of PS5 pre-order information. Even if it is R180k.

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