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You Can’t Game Share Diablo 4 Deluxe and Ultimate Edition Early Access

Gamers out there who wanted to jump into Diablo 4 in early access and benefit from someone’s game share license are going to be in a hellish mood. You can’t. It seems that Blizzard has locked out all the Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition incentives from console sharing and game sharing across PlayStation and Xbox.

UPDATE –  You can bypass these restrictions. Here’s how. 

So in theory, the person who purchased the game (DE or UE) on Xbox or PlayStation will be able to launch it and log into the server. This is because the server links your BNet account and it transfers your Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition incentives across all platforms. However, if you are game sharing, that BNet account you’re using doesn’t technically have any Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition license so when you log in, the game gives you a license error.

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Users are able to launch the game itself without a problem. This is because the game share feature stores the Diablo 4 license locally on your console and grants you access to the game. But the “early access” isn’t a PSN or Xbox Live incentive but rather a Battle.net one.

An obvious sign of this was the fact that users can transfer their Ultimate Edition and Deluxe Edition incentives to other platforms. They just need the base game to access it all.

This isn’t anything new in gaming, to be honest. Bungie follows the same strategy with its shooter Destiny 2. Users can game share the base game and all their expansions because those are platform-stored licenses. However, any seasonal content is tied to your Bungie account making it possible to play that content across other platforms.

This also means that the person you game share with can’t benefit from your seasonal purchases. They will need to purchase the season separately. In a way, the Diablo 4 Early Access is the “season” in this case.

So users who game share will have to either purchase the Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition game themselves in order to gain access to Diablo 4 in early access. You can also wait until Tuesday (the official launch) to play the game as that should work without the need for the early access incentives tied to your Bnet account.

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  • Anonymous 2 June 2023

    There is a massive difference between what’s going on with Diablo and what goes on with season passes.This is just straight greedy. There’s absolutely no reason it should be linked to someone’s battle.net account besides wanting people to spend extra money. It’s already 90 dollars to buy just the digital deluxe, which is on the Microsoft store by the way, which definitely means it has a license there because I can download it. Despite that though, I can’t even play with any of my friends during the early access now because it requires an entirely separate license that really should’ve been mentioned before and I’m not even sure if it’ll let me in on the standard release. This is pure greed and nothing else.

    • Marco Cocomello 2 June 2023

      I won’t lie, this whole Diablo 4 launch has cost me a fortune. My entire family play and it went from standard edition games to DE and then UE for every single person just so we can all play together. Really a horrible situation and yes, pure greed.

  • Courtney 2 June 2023

    I purchased ultimate edition of diabla, for me and my husband to enjoy early on a weekend we are off, so be sadly disappointed that we cannot share the early access together. It would have been great to know this would not work before I made this purchase. Is there not anything we can do?

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