You Have to Watch This Bloodborne Animated Series Trailer

"Can we have the full show now?"

Bloodborne Animated Film
You Have to Watch This Bloodborne Animated Series Trailer

You have to appreciate how much love people have for Bloodborne. Sure, the game still doesn’t have a 60FPS upgrade or a PS5 version but the fan love for the game is unmeasurable. We have first-person mods and custom patches and now artist Anthony Berardo has created a Bloodborne animated series trailer. The trailer asks the question – what if Bloodborne was a Samurai Jack inspired TV show?

Berardo has somehow brought the Bloodborne game to life using a similar art style to other cartoon shows like The Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack. Anyone who grew up watching these animated shows will appreciate the fantastic colour work and soundtrack. It is superb.

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If anything, one would believe that FromSoftware was working on a show themselves as the production quality on this short trailer is top-notch. Berardo says that the trailer consists of 30 shots and is backed by “The Hunter” score from the Bloodborne Original Soundtrack. He didn’t say how long the trailer took to make and produce but one would guess a couple of weeks.

Anyone who has played Bloodborne would recognise the monsters and characters in the trailer. There are also a few clips from some iconic scenes in the game. But I won’t spoil it for you. Watch it down below. I also won’t blame you if you replayed it a couple of times. You can follow Anthony Berardo on Twitter here and check out his YouTube channel here. He also shares his work on Instagram here.

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