Sony has slashed its production of the PS5 amidst the ongoing supply issues worldwide. The company has reportedly dropped its 16 million console goal by March 2022 down to 14.8 million as the tech giant struggles to manufacture the console due to shortages and output delays.

Sony had originally aimed to produce, ship and sell 16 million PS5 consoles by the end of March 2022. While that date seems far off, the company won’t be able to meet the demand for sales. According to sources close to Sony, logistics issues and part shortages have grown more severe for the company. So much so that September sales were already weaker than Sony expected.

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The PS5 has already shipped and sold over 13 million consoles since its launch in November last year. While Sony aimed for the PS5 to outsell the PS4 in the same time frame, it has since fallen behind the PS4’s original sales pace due to these logistics issues. In July this year, the PS5 was sitting ahead of the PS4 by 400k console unit sales. However, due to the latest production output changes, Sony’s estimate has now dropped.

While Sony has yet to comment on this latest news, the lower production output means that PS5 consoles will be harder than ever to get hold of.

Fair warning, if you have the opportunity to pre-order or purchase a console, do it and don’t sleep on it. Chances are, we will probably see one more stock drop in South Africa in early December before South Africans don’t see more stock until at least February 2022.

Pre-orders for the next PS5 stock drop are now live at retailers in SA. You can find some of them here.

Sony is not the only company to slash its production output this year. Nintendo has also cut down its stock production by 1.5 million in early November. This means the Nintendo Switch is also going to be harder than ever to find in store. Sad news ahead of the festive season.

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Source: Bloomberg

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