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You Should Probably Not Pre-Order the PS5 From This Retailer for $999

The internet is a wonderful place but sometimes it is a very sad and disappointing place too especially when things are fabricated for clicks. The PS5 being up for pre-order is one of those sad cases. No, the PlayStation 5 is not available for pre-order. No, the price is not $999 and no, if you miss out on this “special pre-order” you won’t pay more.

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The internet was abuzz last night after a Swedish marketplace published their PS5 pre-orders for a crazy 9,999 Swedish krona. We had readers contact us asking if they should pre-order and when would the console be releasing?

PlayStation 5

The sad truth is, the console has not even been officially announced yet so this pre-order page is utter garbage and should not be trusted at all. Sony will no doubt announce the PS5 in the near future and the price tag won’t be $999 either.

The Swedish site clearly decided to cash in on the hype and create a pre-order page to try and grab potential customers (who have way too much money in their pockets). The product listing lacks a lot of information as much of the console’s specs and details are still a mystery, obviously.

They do list the details we know about such as the AMD Ryzen (Zen 2, 7nm) chipset and the Navi graphics with ray tracing. Those specs have been confirmed by Sony along with the other details such as backwards compatibility, 3D audio and the SSD. The marketplace, however, makes it seem that the PlayStation 5 specs are all confirmed and real.

Still, anyone who knows anything about gaming should be aware that the PlayStation 5 is still a good year away from release and you should avoid sites like this that are trying to catch you off guard. When Sony announces the console you will know about it and when pre-orders go live they will not cost this crazy price tag either.

Until then, be safe on the internet.

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