You’ll Need an RTX 3080 to Run Watch Dogs Legion on Ultra

Ubisoft has updated the official Watch Dogs: Legion PC system requirements with some additional options. In addition, the developer shared some new information on what PC gamers can expect to see when using the latest and most powerful tech. In order to get the most out of the game, Ubisoft says you are going to need a new NVIDIA RTX 3080.


Watch Dogs: Legion is Often Clumsy and Quirky But Also Damn Fun – Hands-On

PC gamers can get away running the game using a GTX 960 which is the lowest recommended hardware. However, if you want to max out the game’s setting at 4K without ray-tracing, you’ll need either an RTX 2080 Ti or an RTX 3080. If you want to make use of ray-tracing, Ubisoft recommends only an RTX 3080 and not a 2080 Ti.

Many gamers out there will most likely want to play the game at 1080p with ray-tracing. For that, Ubisoft recommends an RTX 2060.

In addition to the crazy Watch Dogs Legion PC requirements, Ubisoft detailed other PC-only features in the game. This includes the following;

  • Uncapped frame rate
  • In-depth customization
  • Multi-monitor and widescreen support
  • Ray-Tracing and NVIDIA DLSS
  • Dedicated benchmark with ray-tracing
  • DX12 and DX11 support


Take a look at the full Watch Dogs Legion PC system requirements down below

Watch Dogs Legion Ubisoft RTX 3080

We went hands-on with the game last week and loved it. While the voice acting and characters can be a bit clumsy at times, the game is a true Ubisoft open world experience and players can look forward to doing all sorts of awesome things throughout London. You can read our full hands-on here or watch it down below;

Gaming | PC | You’ll Need an RTX 3080 to Run Watch Dogs Legion on Ultra
Gaming | PC | You’ll Need an RTX 3080 to Run Watch Dogs Legion on Ultra






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