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You’ll Soon Be Able to Mute The PS5 Beep Boot Sound

17 years after Sony originally implemented the iconic beep boot sound on its PS3 console, the brand will now let you mute the noise so you can boot up your PS5 without alerting those around you. Think of it as finally being freed from the shackles of the beep.

In the new PS5 system software, which adds Dolby Atmos, 8TB SSD support and other accessibility settings, Sony has added the setting to mute the PS5 beep sound.

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The setting will cover all situations where the beep is usually heard. This includes when turning on the console or putting it into rest mode. So you’ll never hear your PS5 beep ever again unless you enable the setting.

Sony says the PS5 beep setting is openly available to all users in the upcoming software update. It will be found in settings – system – beep sound. You can adjust the volume of the sound as well as mute it completely.

Of course, the PS5 system software is still in beta testing so you won’t actually get to benefit from this feature until it launches. These beta tests usually run for about a month before releasing to the public.

The PlayStation beep sound has become a staple for the brand. It has also become an online meme where users try and bypass the sound in fear that their partners would be alerted to them playing games.  It will be strange to live in a world where you don’t hear the sound. Personally, the sound means game time. I know when I hear it, I am going to sit on my backside for the next few hours, forget about the world around me and play some games.

You can find out more about the upcoming PS5 beta including the anticipated Dolby Atmos support here.

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