YouTube Music and YouTube Premium Launches in South Africa

Google has launched YouTube Premium in South Africa which is said to focus on the YouTube Music side of the business at first with YouTube Premium to roll out over the next few months to South African subscribers.

YouTube Music is integrated into Google Play Music and the Play Music subscription will count towards YouTube Music at the same time.

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YouTube Music Premium offers ad-free streaming of music through YouTube and Google Play Music. Downloading of songs and videos for offline listening. Background listening to music through YouTube while using your phone and listening to music on Google Home or Chromecast Audio.

You can also search song descriptions, lyrics and emojis to find the tracks you are looking for and even search in other South African languages.

YouTube Premium, which is not available just yet allows you to watch YouTube videos without ads, downloading videos and playlists on your mobile device, continue to play videos while you browse on your phone and your screen is off, and also includes a YouTube Music Premium subscription in the package.

YouTube will also launch the ability to access YouTube Original movies with the service too but it is not available as of yet in SA.

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium South African Pricing

You can sign up for a free 3-month trial service of YouTube Premium today.

  • YouTube Music Premium – R59.99 per month / R89.99 per month for a Family Plan
  • YouTube Premium – R71.99 per month / R109.99 per month for a Family Plan

The YouTube Premium Family Plan allows for up to six members to share a single subscription service. 

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Gaming | Mobile | YouTube Music and YouTube Premium Launches in South Africa
Gaming | Mobile | YouTube Music and YouTube Premium Launches in South Africa






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