YouTube Rewind 2018 Controversial Video Now Over 5 Million Dislikes
YouTube Rewind 2018
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YouTube recently released their look back at the biggest moments of 2018 on their platform in a video called YouTube Rewind 2018 and to say that fans aren’t happy is an understatement. At first glance (please don’t judge me) it looked pretty cool with Will Smith kicking things off, Ninja driving a bus and there’s a big focus on Fortnite. As a gamer, that’s always nice to see no matter how you feel about the game. However, YouTube Rewind isn’t so controversial because of what the video shows, but because of what the video doesn’t show.

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YouTube users are very upset right now and YouTube Rewind sits on 5.3 million dislikes at the time of writing. This puts the video at second place for overall most dislikes ever, only behind Justin Bieber’s Baby. The latter had a 50% dislike to like ratio, but YouTube Rewind 2018 has a whopping 75% dislike ratio and it is climbing as you read this. Heck, PewDiePie’s “Can I get 1 million dislikes” video only has 3.7 million dislikes, while Rebecca Black’s “Friday” has 3.37 million. I apologize if that last one is now stuck in your head forever.

So why does this video has so many dislikes? Simply put, fans are unhappy because it seems like arguably the biggest moments on YouTube this year have been left out as if they don’t exist. Shane Dawson, Logan Paul, PewDiePie, David Dobrik, KSI, these have all been left out entirely. YouTube Remind 2018 makes it look like the video platform is a utopia, and if you’ve ever been to a comment section you would know this is not the case.

I, for one, can understand not wanting to show some of the worst moments that could easily offend some viewers. With that in mind, everything wasn’t sunshine and roses, so some of the controversies should have been shown as well, at the very least acknowledged. The channel with the most subscribers ever wasn’t even featured so you can’t blame fans for acting out towards this video, can you?

Check out the YouTube Rewind 2018 video below and share your thoughts on the video with us in the comment section.

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