YouTube Launches Live Streaming Sport Channels in South Africa
YouTube sport Standard Definition 480p
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YouTube sport has been announced. A new LIVE and Video on Demand streaming service catered specifically for sports.

Users can stream basketball, rugby, cricket and football events including the 2019 NBA finals, Women’s World Cup, Africa Cup of Nations, UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues, ABSA Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, and Serie A.

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YouTube states that sports consumption on its platforms has grown in Africa and has seen a 70% increase in sports viewing across the EMEA region.

“It goes without saying that Africa is a sport-loving continent, so it makes perfect sense for us to bring African sports fans what they love,” said YouTube content partnerships lead Dayo Olopade

The service will be made possible by third-party production companies including NBA Africa. Much of the video on demand content will be available as highlights from events like the ABSA Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and UFC.

So when can you watch it? Well, as much as everyone states it has been “launched”, it actually has not. YouTube does plan on rolling out the content in the coming months to the platform with the video on demand content being the first to go live.

YouTube has not stated whether or not you will need a subscription to view this content either or if it will be available to everyone as a free service with ad support. We will update you as we learn more and YouTube sport becomes more readily available.






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