YouTube Now Says There’s No Live Streaming Sports Service Launching in South Africa
YouTube sport Standard Definition 480p
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Earlier this week we reported that YouTube would be “launching” a new sports service in SA. The service was supposedly launching to allow video-on-demand and sports live streams on the platform. It seems that is not actually the case.

GLITCHED was contacted by YouTube and asked to remove the article due to it “inaccurately portraying its sports offering”. YouTube then sent me an updated statement which debunks all announcements which were first reported on.

You can read the original announcement here.

It seems after all that, YouTube is actually not launching anything to help grow sports streaming and content on the platform. Rather, they were just trying to punt SuperSport’s growth that recently hit 1 million subscribers.

The statement claims SuperSport owns the regional broadcast rights for the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FIFA Women’s World Cup and the Africa Cup of Nations, among other franchises. Thus making the ability to stream and host this content impossible for anyone else but SuperSport.

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YouTube also revealed they have zero plans for the live distribution of global and local sports franchises on the platform whatsoever. Meaning, don’t expect them to launch any live streaming of your favourite sports franchises any time soon.

SuperSport has made no current agreement for live distribution of global or local sports franchises on YouTube

As for the video-on-demand content such as highlights and clips, YouTube state SuperSport uses the platform to grow sports fandom and reach digital audiences that are searching for sports content in the country. The SuperSport channel will continue to publish these edited clips as they see fit and YouTube will just make sure users have access to them (by just using YouTube – not rocket science).

So in a nutshell, there is actually nothing happening at all. YouTube, for some reason, just wanted to announce they are happy to bring you SuperSport’s uploaded YouTube content you have always received. Nothing has changed there and nothing will. So no new YouTube sports services are coming your way anytime soon.

GLITCHED also apologises for any confusion as we were just reporting on press releases which we trusted were accurate.






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