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YouTuber Makes a Working Fridge-Sized Xbox Series X

A YouTuber by the name of Michael Pick, who is best known for making the world’s largest working Nintendo Switch, has struck again. This time, Pick has tackled the gargantuan task of making a working Xbox Series X that’s the size of a fridge, playing into the memes surrounding the console’s design and Microsoft’s own Xbox Series X-inspired fridge.

The huge Xbox Series X currently holds the record for being the largest in the world, standing at around 6.82 feet tall and 3.41 feet wide. It also weighs a whopping 250 pounds or 114 kilograms. Best of all, it’s a fully functional and working Xbox Series X console.

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In Pick’s video, he walks viewers through the process of creating such a large “machine”, creating the entire exterior out of wood. However, back connection ports remained the same size for obvious reasons. According to Pick, the hardest part to create was the console’s curved top, which was made by 3D printing dozens of tiny sections and gluing them together individually. This is a process that apparently took two weeks to get right.

After the large console was completed and spray-painted black, it was taken to artist ZHC who added some cartoonish custom paint jobs along the sides. Pick donated the record-breaking console to the YMCA Youth and Teen Development Center in Atlanta, Georgia, where it now stands for children to enjoy.

The astonishing feat caught a lot of traction online and played into the age-old memes surrounding the Xbox Series X’s staple design, though Pick’s earnest end-goal of donating it to the YMCA was admirable.

In addition to the larger-than-life Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X, Pick has a few other notable achievements including the world’s smallest gaming PC, the world’s smallest iMac and many more than you can find on his official YouTube channel.

Source: Michael Pick

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