ZeniMax Online Studios Working on New Open-World IP With Challenging Combat and Fun Vehicle Gameplay

"The game is currently in pre-production"

ZeniMax Online Studios New IP
ZeniMax Online Studios Working on New Open-World IP With Challenging Combat and Fun Vehicle Gameplay

ZeniMax Online Studios, the company behind the popular Elder Scrolls Online franchise is hiring for a new IP. While it is still quite early to tell what the game is, the company posted multiple new job listings detailing the project’s mechanics and gameplay. One of the listings in specific requires a Senior Vehicle Designer that will act as the game’s vehicle specialist. This role will be responsible for building a “fun player-controller vehicle” while also working on exciting vehicle gameplay.

There’s also another job listing for a Senior Level Designer. This position requires someone who is capable of working closely with narrative and gameplay systems to build story-focused missions that feature thrilling gameplay, challenging combat and a memorable player experience.


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The ZeniMax Online Studios job listings may seem simple from the outside but there are some important keywords in these descriptions that may tease the game’s direction. The Senior Level Designer, for example, mentioned a focus on building levels in both open-world and “linear” spaces. While the Senior Vehicle Designer has a heavy focus on player and NPC-controlled vehicle gameplay. The focus on “fun vehicle gameplay” suggests an arcade-like approach to whatever game this may be.

Both job listings also mention that the project is in pre-production and is indeed a new IP so it is anyone’s guess what the game could be. The one listing also mentions that the game is being built using a “new, industry-leading engine” which suggests that ZeniMax Online Studios could be abandoning its current custom Elder Scrolls Online engine for the project.

A developer in this role serves as part of the level design team with a focus on creating levels both in open world and “linear” spaces, combat encounter design, and scripting. This role will work closely with narrative and gameplay systems team members in creating story-focused missions which feature thrilling gameplay, challenging combat, and memorable player experiences. A key part of this role involves designing the workflow and establishing best practices for mission creation on a new, industry-leading engine.

Given that this game is still in pre-production, it may be years before we see it. However, it is still always good news to see a studio announce a “new IP” especially when it is the likes of ZeniMax Online Studios. Keep in mind that these listings could also be separate and for two new games. Whatever they are, we can’t wait to see them.

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