Zombie Army 4: Dead War Day One Update File Size and Patch Notes

Zombie Army 4: Dead War releases next Tuesday, 4 February 2020 and if you are like us and enjoy a good old’ co-op Nazi zombie shooter then this is on your radar. The team at Rebellion Developments released the Zombie Army Dead War day one update file size and patch notes so if you are picking the game up next week, then you know what you are getting yourself into when preparing and installing the title.

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Zombie Army 4: Dead War will come with patch 1.02 and it is now available to download. The file size for this update is 2.9GB and comes with the following changes;

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Update 1.02 Patch Notes

  • Improved stability and framerate.
  • Updated localisation.
  • Updated Trophies.
  • Support for latest DLC mission & weapons/skins.
  • Added localisation for Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese and Korean.


Zombie Army 4 is the sequel to the original trilogy created by the same team that brought your Sniper Elite 4 and Strange Brigade. The game is a four-player co-op action game where players need to survive as they fight through an undead army during the 1940s. Zombie Hitler has risen once again and you set off to take the tyrant down and return him to whence he came from… Hell.

The game makes up our highlight release of February 2020 along with Dreams and Snack World Dungeon Crawler. You can check out all the awesome February 2020 games coming your way here.

As for the Zombie Army 4 file size, the game takes up 22GB of storage on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Don’t know what the game is about? Take a look at the 101 overview trailer down below;

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