Zombie Army 4: Dead War PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Enhancements Now Available
"4K 60FPS on PS5 and Xbox Series X"
Zombie Army 4 Dead War File Size Day One Update Zombie Army 4: Dead War PS5 Xbox Series X
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Rebellion has issued an update for Zombie Army 4: Dead War across PS5 and Xbox Series X/S that enhances the games for the current-gen consoles. Keep in mind that his update does not require you to redownload a specific “enhanced” version of the game. It simply detects when you launch it on a PS5 or Xbox Series X/X and enabled the upgraded visuals.

According to Rebellion, Zombie Army 4: Dead War now runs at 4K 60Hz on both PS5 and Xbox Series X by default. There’s also a 1080p 120Hz mode on Xbox Series S for those with a supported display with HDMI 2.1. On Xbox Series S, the game runs at 1080p 60Hz.


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Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Zombie Army 4: Dead War also support DRS that dynamically scales the resolution during gameplay to ensure a stable FPS. This means when the scene gets intense, the resolution may drop but the frames will remain stable.

At the moment, the update is live across PS5 and it is set to go live on 8 April for Xbox. The game is currently free for PlayStation Plus subscribers through the April games lineup. It is also releasing on Xbox Game Pass on 8 April so both platforms will be able to enjoy the zombie shooter.

Keep in mind that Zombie Army 4: Dead War does have two hefty season passes that are not included in the main game. They pack extra levels, weapons and loads of cosmetic items. If you enjoy the game and want to extend the experience, you can grab them at your store.

Source: Rebellion Blog 






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