Red Dead Redemption 2 players, specifically those playing Red Dead Online, have run across zombies in the game. Rockstar  Games hasn’t mentioned anything specific about Undead Nightmare 2 or even what is happening in Red Dead Online right now, but something is definitely happening.

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It all started with a dead, skinned mountain lion coming back to life last week but that was passed off as a bug, since the game has been known to have some strange bugs in the past, like horses catching fire on a specific road. Now, players have started seeing humanoid NPCs not only coming back to life, but they clearly look like zombies.

The first instance of Red Dead Redemption 2 zombies was seen in Red Dead Online and posted on Reddit. It looked like the NPC might have just respawned and some readers thought it could be cholera causing the blue skin, or because the NPC worked in a silver mine. However, when what players are calling a swamp lady appeared with green eyes, followed by numerous other sightings around the town of Armadillo in Red Dead Online, it was clear this isn’t just some kind of glitch. Check out some images of the Zombies in Red Dead Online below.

Some players are thinking this is an Undead Nightmare 2 tease, while others think it is a tease for a Halloween update. Whatever the case may be, zombies have invaded Red Dead Online and it is pretty great that Rockstar Games is leaving it up to the fans to figure out.

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Do you think this is an Undead Nightmare 2 tease from Rockstar Games or will it just be a zombie-filled Halloween update? Let us know in the comment section below.

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