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No Man’s Sky Sentinel Update Available With Robot Companions and More

Just when you thought No Man’s Sky could not get any bigger Hello Games has released another update for the game. The latest one dubbed “No Man’s Sky Sentinel” adds robot companions to the game while also overhauling the combat system and enemies you meet.

Hello Games says that the No Man’s Sky Sentinel update is just the first of more content headed your way this year as the studio works on making the game more challenging and exciting.

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The Sentinels act as police across the planets you explore in the game. While they have been in No Man’s Sky already, they have now been overhauled to provide a more challenging experience in combat. There are also new types of Sentinels to fight including elite classes of drones such as heavies, summoners and repair units. They also have a range of new deadly weapons like grenades and plasma-powered flamethrowers.

If players find a rare Sentinel Pillar, they can now explore it to try and find rare rewards but be wary that these structures are protected by the robots.

As for the robotic companions, players can ow reassemble and program their own companion drones and even their own Sentinel Hardframe to escort them around the planet. These drones help players scavenge for resources while the Sentinel Hardframes help protect them against threats. Some of the features in the new No Man’s Sky update include:

Advanced Combat Upgrades

New upgrades add depth to combat, with the ability to add stun or incineration effects to your existing weapons, or to set up your Multi-Tool to deal extra damage to targets you’ve previously tagged. Or, take advantage of the new Cloaking Device to vanish mid-fight and gain the strategic upper hand.

AI Robotic Companions

Players can reassemble and reprogram their own friendly robotic drone companion, or go one step further and salvage Sentinel Hardframe parts to build their own autonomous AI-powered giant mechanical escort.

New Stories and Missions

Work with the crew of the Space Anomaly on a substantial new story-driven mission, or raid the sinister Sentinel Pillars to access their archives and probe the secrets of the Atlas and the World of Glass…

Combat Flow and Feel Improvements

A vast list of tweaks and refinements have been made to weapon feel and flow, making for a more dynamic and impactful combat experience.

New Drone Enemies

Regular Sentinel units have been overhauled, with heavy combat and shield drones, dedicated repair drones, and even advanced summoning units joining the existing patrol drones.

The No Man’s Sky Sentinel update is now live for PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC and VR. Check out the trailer below.

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