PS4 Marvel’s Spider-Man Owners Won’t Get PS5 Remaster For Free

Marvels SpiderMan PS4 PS5 Miles Morales
PS4 Marvel’s Spider-Man Owners Won’t Get PS5 Remaster For Free

Insomniac Games plans on releasing two versions of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales in November when the PS5 launches. One version is just the Miles Morales game while the Ultimate Launch Edition includes both the original 2018 remastered as well as the new release. The remaster includes some fancy new changes to the game such as ray-tracing, upgraded textures, 4K 60FPS and more. However, those looking to experience the remaster will have to purchase it again. According to Insomniac Games, PS4 owners of Marvel’s Spider-Man won’t get the remaster for free.


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The news comes from a Twitter conversation with the director of production at Marvel Games Eric Monacelli. Eric responded to a fan’s text asking whether or not the PS4 version is going is upgradable to the Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered Edition at no cost. Monacelli replied saying “Spidey PS4 remastered isn’t free if you own Spidey PS4.

In a nutshell, gamers will have to buy the special edition that includes the remaster if they want to play the game. They can, however, play the original PS4 game through backwards compatibility. You are going to just miss out on all the fancy new graphical changes coming to the game.

Insomniac Games also confirmed on Twitter that saves from the PS4 version won’t carry over to the PS5 version. This means users are going to have to restart the campaign from the beginning. Given the graphical changes in remaster, it seems fitting that players will have to experience the game right from the start again.

Lastly, keep in mind that there’s only one way to get Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and that is by purchasing the Ultimate Launch Edition of the game on PS5. Insomniac Games don’t plan on releasing it as a standalone package at this time.

Catch up on the latest PS5 Spider-Man Miles Morales gameplay trailer down below.

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