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5 Tips to Avoid Online Spoilers for Shows and Movies Like GoT and Endgame

We all love our shows and movies, especially if they’re as gripping as the final season of Game of Thrones or Avengers: Endgame. But, we hate it when have to avoid spot online spoilers that ruin the experience of being surprised, full of suspense and all the other emotions that go with watching something you love.

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Seeing as we avoid online spoilers all the time, we’ve hooked you up with some tips to avoid them.


Although it’s awesome to follow your favourite actresses and actors on their various social media platforms, they can sometimes let online spoilers slip. Tom Holland, who portrays the role of Spider-Man in his own movies, as well as appearing in Marvel’s Avengers, is one of the biggest spoilers out there. He is even a self-proclaimed spoiler. The stars of Game of Thrones are also pretty bad at keeping it mum when it comes to some plot details, so maybe unfollow or mute them for a while.

If you’d like to still enjoy some of the fun online, the official accounts for the shows and movies are usually safe to follow. But be warned that people might comment in the comments section with spoilers, so it’s probably a good idea to not follow anything related to the show or movie if you haven’t watched it yet and you’re trying to avoid online spoilers.

Also, if you know that some of the accounts you follow are prone to spoilers, it’s time to hit that unfollow button. Your best bet would be to completely eliminate these accounts from your online world, to ensure you stay as spoiler-free as possible.

Get Into Those Settings

In today’s digitally driven world, it’s virtually impossible to stay offline and avoid online spoilers. But if you’re smart about settings, you could customise your experience to help you stay in the dark about shows and movies you’re yet to watch.

TweetDeck allows users to mute certain hashtags and keywords. Or you can use Open Tweet Filter, which is a Chrome extension that allows you to set up filters on the desktop site.

Similarly, Facebook also has a setting where you can filter out posts from your newsfeed containing certain keywords.

There are also services like Unspoiler that lets you filter out content, not only on social media, but throughout your online experience.

Keep Up

The best way to avoid online spoilers, is to be one of the firsts to watch your favourite movie or show. So, try to get opening night tickets at the cinemas, or even sneak peek tickets. With shows, be sure to watch them live, then you don’t have to avoid online spoilers as you’d be caught up on everything. Find out exactly what time your show airs and be sure to position yourself in front of the couch to catch up on the latest details and plot twists, to ensure you remain spoiler-free and highly entertained.

Just remember to avoid being a spoiler yourself and keep all of the plot details to yourself.

Avoid News Sites, Message Boards, and Discussion Sites

If you love to keep up with the latest news and trends online, then it might be especially hard for you to avoid online spoilers. On popular news and entertainment sites, you’re most likely to come across major spoilers. So, if you’re trying to keep it secret, keep it safe, you’ll need to stay off some sites you know will contain spoilers. Once you’ve caught up, you can go back and read all the content you want.

Message boards and discussion sites like Reddit are also a no-go zone when you’re trying to stay away from spoilers. As people go to these sites to start a discussion or a debate about movies, shows, and other things they are interested, you might be exposed to major spoilers.

Move To The Moon

There are no spoilers on the moon, so it will be safe for you up there. But in all honesty, these tips will be useful to you and will help you to avoid online spoilers. However, you will need to prepare yourself that some information might slip through the digital cracks. Try to remain calm and know that in the end, you’ll probably still be entertained and that’s the most important thing.

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What are some of the tricks you’ve learned to keep yourself spoiler-free, while still staying connected? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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