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Battlefield Developer DICE Loses Creative Director

Battlefield developer DICE has lost yet another creative director. This time, it’s Craig Morrison, a high-profile figure who joined the company back in 2021 to work on the franchise. Former creative director Lars Gustavsson left the studio after EA Games restructured the franchise in order to create a “connected Battlefield universe.”

Craig Morrison previously worked as a creative director at Funcom for nine years before joining Blizzard Entertainment for a further eight years – two of those years were spent as a principal designer on World of Warcraft. Morrison joined EA DICE in 2021 as the studio’s creative director to oversee the Battlefield franchise. Now, Morrison has announced that he’s parted ways with DICE and joined a new Sweden-based studio called Blue Scarab Entertainment, fulfilling the same role.

The Battlefield franchise has been through quite a bit of reshuffling over the past few years. Last month, EA laid off around 670 employees and shut down developer Ridgeline Games, the studio that was initially responsible for working on single-player experiences in the series. EA Entertainment president Laura Miele said that Criterion Games, the studio behind the Need for Speed games, will now oversee Battlefield‘s single-player content.

On the subject of restructuring the Battlefield games, Miele stated:

“Our vision for Battlefield is ambitious and exciting. The project is making meaningful progress, thanks to the strong leadership of Vince Zampella and Byron Beede and dedicated studios committed to building a Battlefield platform our fans will love. Today, we have the largest Battlefield team in the franchise’s history, with passionate people in place across the globe and our studios organised to benefit from both franchise and local leadership.”

It’s unclear why Morrison left his position as creative director at DICE. Fans speculate that he might’ve been unhappy with the direction of the franchise and opted out of steering the ship, while others think it might just be due to a better job opportunity elsewhere.

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