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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer – Everything You Need to Know

Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War and its multiplayer changes come from its inspiration of the single-player campaign. According to Treyarch and Raven Software, players can fight as members of the spy organization from the Cold War. This includes the CIA, M16, and KGB. Depending on your choice, you will experience different narrative elements in multiplayer matches to give you the feeling that you are contributing to an actual ongoing war. Yes, this sounds like Battlefield. However, it is a nice change to the Call of Duty recipe.


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Activision detailed the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer last night in an explosive video stream. While we don’t know anything about the Warzone and how it is going to move across to the game in November, we finally know more about the multiplayer. Let’s start with the maps which according to Activision include locales from around the world.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Maps

  • Armada: Based on Operation Azorian, U.S. and Soviet forces arrive in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean in search of a prototype nuclear submarine. The scale of the Cold War could be tipped in favor of whoever salvages it, whether it be the Soviets reclaiming it or the U.S. intercepting it. Zipline from ship to ship or command gunboats to turn the tide of the fight.
  • Crossroads: At a pivotal route to Afghanistan deep in Uzbekistan, NATO forces are mobilized to ambush a large Soviet military convoy comprised of mobile ICBM launchers. With the backdrop of a frozen Soviet Wilderness, an MI6 Squadron are ready to combat any Spetsnaz forces in order to secure the top-secret intel held on the convoy, as well as any necessary supplies for future operations. Use tanks to blow up enemy positions or snowmobiles to zip behind the enemy and break their lines.


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  • Miami: Through hired DGI forces, Perseus ambushed and assaulted a prison transport in Miami’s famed South Beach in order to free a trusted ally. Amid the cover of night amongst vibrant art-deco architecture and neon lights, CIA special forces have been dispatched to eliminate remaining DGI forces and identify clues to Perseus’ whereabouts.
  • Moscow: In the heart of the U.S.S.R, a Spetsnaz squad was sent to a compromised CIA safe house in order to secure the area, capture any remaining CIA operatives, and acquire further intel on NATO’s future plans. Initial reports indicate that the area has gone hot and fighting has spilled out into the streets, prompting a second CIA-JSOC team to arrive at the scene as reinforcements.
  • Satellite: Deep in the deserts of Angola, Central Africa, a top-secret, American-made reconnaissance satellite known as the KH-9 has been grounded, potentially by Perseus. Hired DGI forces are searching for the sensitive intel it holds, while NATO’s MI6 Squadron have been dispatched to secure the site and eliminate DGI stragglers.

Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War Multiplayer

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Modes

As for the modes, the classics return along with some new twists on originals. Combined Arms, for example, is a 12v12 battle with vehicles across larger maps. The mode is playable cross Domination which places multiple flags around a larger map for players to capture and defend.

Fireteam is a new 40-player mode with up to 10 teams of four. We don’t know much on this new mode. However, Dirty Bomb is one of the game types in the mode. According to hands-on sessions, this mode is very much the same as Battlefield’s large war battles. Players can spawn on other players who are not in combat and each map includes a series of objectives to complete. One being extracting plutonium from a nuke to set it off or stopping the other team from doing so.

There’s a new VIP Escort mode which is a 6v6 game type. Players need to guard one of your teammates with your life and make sure they get to the extraction point before the enemy kills the VIP target.

Other modes include

  • Control
  • Domination
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Search and Destroy
  • Team Deathmatch


Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War Multiplayer

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Scorestreaks, Changes and Weapons

Scorestreaks are getting a massive overhaul in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. One big change is that when you die, you keep your earned score. However, Activision claims the higher scorestreaks must still be earned through plenty of score. There are multiple ways to unlock the streaks now too. For example, stringing together multiple kills before death will earn score bonuses. However, scorestreaks now have cooldowns so players cannot spam them throughout the match.

As for the gameplay changes, expect to find the following;

  • Sprint Take Off – Operators automatically receive a burst of speed when starting a sprint, then settle down to normal sprint speed.
  • Sliding – Slides start and end in a crouched position for a more believable movement pattern.
  • Footstep Control – Faster movement makes more noise, while slower movement doesn’t make as much sound. Players can further reduce the sound of their footsteps with the return of the classic Ninja Perk.
  • Jumping – Expect more natural height in jumps, which briefly slows an operator down as they land.


Loadouts are also equipped with class-changing wildcards which provide some benefits. As for the Gunsmith, players can equip up to 54 attachments across eight different nodes, attachment points with at least six options per point. Other changes include;

  • Grant eight attachments for a primary weapon
  • Carry up to six Perks
  • Double the number of lethal and tactical equipment given on spawn
  • Carry three Perks from any category, rather than be limited to one of each


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War releases on 13 November 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. The beta goes live on PS4 on 8 October 2020 followed by other platforms on 14 October 2020. Find out more here.

Check out a fancy trailer down below;

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