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DC Reportedly Eager to Make Man of Steel 2 With Henry Cavill

DC is reportedly keen to get Henry Cavill back in the red cape for Man of Steel 2. According to a new report, the company has an “intense desire” to see Cavill return, with other details mentioned such as James Gunn’s secret DC project and Matt Reeves’ plans to expand the universe of The Batman.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that WB Discovery and DC are considering bringing Cavill back for a potential sequel to Man of Steel. Nothing is set in stone, though, as WB Discovery is reportedly still in the process of searching for writers for Man of Steel 2. Things are still a bit chaotic at WB Discovery and DC as the companies scramble to find its Kevin Feige figure to lead its revamped DCEU.

Man of Steel released in 2013 and was directed by Zack Snyder. It marked the beginning of what would’ve been the DC Extended Universe to rival the MCU. Plans seemed to be going smoothly for a while when Warner Bros. released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman, Aquman, Shazam! and Suicide Squad with the intention of eventually linking them all into an overarching universe.

Things quickly fell apart following 2017’s Justice League. Director Joss Whedon who took over for Snyder was outed as being difficult to work with along with other scathing allegations including mistreating actress Gal Gadot. It only escalated recently when The Flash star Ezra Miller was linked to a number of abuse allegations as well as a bizarre alleged sex cult. That’s not to mention WB Discovery’s cancellation of a planned Batgirl movie, which caused quite a stir online.

Safe to say, Warner Bros. and DC’s plans for a shared universe are up in the air right now. The success of the standalone films The Batman and Joker proved that audiences are still keen for DC cinematic content as long as it has great talent behind and in front of the camera.

Cavill has since moved onto other projects including Netflix’s successful series adaptation of The Witcher and numerous films. It’s unknown if the actor will want to return to the DCEU at this point.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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