Delta Emulator for iPhone

Free Delta Emulator on iPhone Can Play GBA, NDS and More

Developer Riley Testus has finally released Delta on iPhone. This comes after an unofficial version of the app was launched last week on the App Store. It only lasted a few hours before Apple pulled it down due to copyright infringement. Delta is the real deal. The app lets users download ROMs directly from the internet and play them on the emulator.

This is quite a big deal for iPhone users as it marks the first officially sanctioned game emulator on the platform. Up to now, you had to go through all sorts of loopholes to sign apps like these.

Delta supports a wide range of ROMs including NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. Testus says he plans on adding more support to the app in the future which may include SEGA Genesis.

The app also supports Bluetooth controllers across the board. You can connect an Xbox controller, DualSense, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and even Joy-Cons. There’s also support for classic MFi game controllers.

Delta also comes with many quality-of-life features you’ll expect from retro gaming emulators. You can apply cheats to games through Game Genie and Action Reply, you can sync your saves and data across devices and even customize the style of the app.

My favourite feature is the fast-forward setting. With it, you can play games at a faster speed than usual. Helpful for when going back to the older Pokemon games. Also reminds me of playing those classic Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire ports on PC back in the day.

Using Delta is quite simple. You need to download the app from the App Store here. Once downloaded, you’ll need to get your games. Do this by using your backups or other means. You can download them directly from the Safari web browser on your iPhone and tell Detla where you saved them.

You’ll need certain Bios files for certain platforms. Unfortunately, we can’t share where to get those files.

Happy gaming.

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