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GDC Survey Reveals 8% of Devs are Working on Nintendo’s Next Console

According to a recent survey conducted by the GDC, 8% of developers are currently working on the Nintendo Switch successor. The 2024 GDC State of the Game Industry was recently published, asking over 3,000 developers across indie and AAA studios various questions about their work and what platforms they’re working on for future releases. 32% stated that Nintendo’s next console is the platform that interests them the most.

As reported by Video Games Chronicle, out of the 3,000 developers questioned in the GDC survey, 8% of them (or around 250) are quietly working on Nintendo’s next console and Switch successor. It’s possible that more developers are working on the system, though didn’t say anything in the survey due to being under strict secrecy. 32% of developers added that the Switch successor is the platform they’re most interested in right now, behind PS5 (41%) and PC (62%).

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Nintendo has yet to officially announce its new hardware but we’ve reported on dozens of rumours and leaks at this point for there not to be any fire with the smoke. Gaming analysts predicted earlier this month that the Switch 2 will likely be an iteration of the original Switch and we won’t see a massive overhaul from the hybrid handheld/console design. This is mainly due to the handheld nature of the hardware and how it caters to markets like Japan where games are played while commuting daily.

Another report claims that the Switch 2 will launch with two models: a physical version and a digital version, similar to PS5. The physical console will apparently be backwards compatible with the original Switch and can run Switch cartridges while the digital version will naturally only allow digital downloads. This report hasn’t been outright confirmed yet so take it with a pinch of salt.

Whatever Nintendo is planning next, players speculate it will happen fairly soon – perhaps a full reveal in summer followed by a launch in October/November.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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