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Horizon Forbidden West Towns, Tribes and More Detailed

Developer Guerrilla Games have released some new details for their upcoming PlayStation exclusive Horizon Forbidden West, speaking about the game’s various tribes, towns, locations and NPCs. Horizon Zero Dawn‘s sequel seems to be a lot more ambitious, with a focus on making its open-world livelier.

A recent PlayStation blog post details all these new features and improvements coming to Horizon Forbidden West, significantly enhancing tribes, towns and crowds. Firstly, each tribe is described as having a unique “personality”, with their attire (which Aloy can acquire) reflecting their traditions and culture. These clothing items will also give Aloy each tribe’s specific specialties and skills.

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Guerrilla Games detailed each tribe, which includes the Tenakth, who are devout and combat-focused; the Oseram, who specialize in crafting; and the Utaru, who are a laid-back farming society. Furthermore, Aloy’s affiliation with each tribe impacts the way individual NPCs behave and react towards the player. Guerilla also spoke about the crowd system, something that aims to revamp the AI in clever ways:

“Every non-combat NPC in Horizon Forbidden West is part of a crowd system. Within that system, you can create rules such as reactions, walking paths, and other animations. We then also have the attitude system, which determines a personality. This means we can create unique people who behave like individuals within the world.”

Settlements will also be spread throughout Horizon Forbidden West‘s open-world, where Aloy can buy clothing, weapons, potions and various useful items. Each tribe encountered in these settlements will sell you items based on their traditions. For example, the Tenakth, who specialize in combat, will sell you combat-focused gear, while the Oseram will sell you weapons more well-equipped for hunting.

The first major settlement that players will come across with be the Oseram outpost Chainscrape, acting as a major trading hub. Guerrilla said:

“With so much activity, so many visual cues, Chainscrape was a place where we could demonstrate many new systems and animations that make the world and its people feel much more alive. In Horizon Zero Dawn, there were a lot of assets and things in the background. In Horizon Forbidden West, they’re not just textures: they’ve been elevated into actual objects that are being used by people in-game.”

You’ll need to visit these towns frequently as they can provide Aloy with the necessary upgrades and perks to progress and make life a little easier while hunting in the dangerous wilds.

Horizon Forbidden West launches on 18 February 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

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