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Marvel’s Avengers Game Will Get New Heroes, Regions and Villains For “Years to Come”

Marvel’s Avengers game is looking to be the game on everyone’s radar for 2020 and while we have seen a lot of the game, there is still a lot we don’t know about it. I was lucky enough to sit down with one of the developers behind the game to ask for some extra details about this upcoming superhero adventure game.

My biggest concerns right now lie in the game’s gear and progression system. While I would love to fly around as Iron Man for a couple of hours, how far does the progression system go in Marvel Avengers?

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Let’s chat about the replayability of the game. We know you are looking at adding content and future free updates but what about the main game? Is there a gear system or progression system that will tell players to keep coming back for more?

Well, there is a deep progression system we cannot really talk about right now. What I can tell you is post-launch we will be adding new heroes, regions missions and gear at no extra cost that will add a load of new content to the game. There is also playing in co-op which is important to keep you coming back to the game. You will want to level up that one character and maybe play a new story content drop with a new or older hero so you can kind of see how it plays with different ones. 

So you will need to stick to characters to make sure you progress through their skills and fully max them out? 

It is a mix really. In the campaign, you will have to play specific heroes at specific times because the story demands it but sometimes you can play whatever character you want when you want to. But what I think is going to happen is that players will see a mission and how it may play out and choose a character that might just suit it depending on their own interpretation into the Avengers series. But you can concentrate on one or you can switch back and forth, it is really up to you. 

When playing co-op, can two people play the same character?

No, when you come together in co-op we want you to play together with different characters so you cannot have two hulks. The Avengers should come together as a team and we have designed it so they all play off each other’s abilities. There are a couple of skills and abilities that just work together with each other so the game is a lot more fun that way. The same idea where there are specific missions you need to play with specific characters goes across to co-op as well as single-player. 

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In terms of your characters and skills sets. How versatile are these skills? Can you change them up and use different skills and gear as you progress through the game? How deep does this system go?

I can tell you that all characters can play melee or ranged so right off the bat they have got that distinction. It all depends on your skills and gear choice and how you want to play the game. Those will make a very big difference in how you play the game. You get some choices, you get to customize your character and your outfit so every version of a character will play and look different to other players. 

So how hard can Marvel Avengers be? What can players expect when it comes to the difficulty of the game in terms of challenge.

While I cannot talk too much about that yet just know there is a large amount of player choice built into the game. At different phases of the game, especially when you get to the end and in co-op, the game may take a drastic turn in challenge depending on what you decide to do. 

How deep will this “ever-expanding” Avengers world go in the months ahead?

This is our own Avengers story so whoever joins the game is up to us so we look forward to expanding it.  We plan on adding an ever-expanding roster of characters over the next couple of years that include new regions to explore, new villains to fight and of course new characters to play. So you will be able to see and play with a whole load of Avengers.  

Marvel’s Avengers game is set for release on 15 May 2020 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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