Naughty Dog Might Be Working on a Fantasy-Themed Adventure Game According to Concept Art
Naughty Dog New Game PS5
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Senior Concept Artist at Naughty Dog Hyoung Nam shared three new images on ArtStation which seem to be concept art for the studio’s upcoming new IP. There’s been quite a lot of talk about Naughty Dog in recent weeks and reports of a new IP currently in development at the studio. The concept art not only hints at the direction of the upcoming title but basically announces the game too.


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The concept art on Nam’s ArtStation shows off a woman sitting on top of a dead dragon which we believe she killed herself. She’s sitting holding a bloody sword wearing some rather robust armour. The second image is another woman dressed in a sort of tribal outfit. She has bright green eyes and is accessorized with bones of different creatures and animals.

Naughty Dog New Game Naughty Dog New Game

The last image is also quite interesting. It shows off another female fully dressed in a sort of traveller’s outfit. She has a ram skull on her head and is carrying around a stick or staff with a human skull and snake skeleton wrapped around it. The name of the art collection is “The Women of North” and according to the official description, it is indeed from a new game. Nam says “Inspired from new game. You know what I’m talking about.”

Naughty Dog New Game

The art does give us hope that Naughty Dog is working on something new. As mentioned before, reports claim that the studio kicked off development for a new IP a while back. If this art is anything to go by, we could be in for something completely new compared to previous games the studio have released. In a previous interview, Neil Druckman said that he would like to work on something “completely new” after wrapping up The Last of Us Part II. Could this be it?






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