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PCBuilder is a Fantastic Tool For South Africans Looking at a Custom Gaming PC

If you haven’t heard about PCBuilder yet, it is a locally developed PC-building tool where gamers in South Africa can pre-build their dream PC to fit their budget while also getting an estimate on the kinds of performance they can expect from the build.

The PCBuilder tool is pretty robust when it comes to its versatility. You can either select from many of the already-pre-built PCs on sale, select a game which you’re aiming to play and have the tool build a PC capable of running it, or go into the tool with a blank slate and carefully select each and every component.

The accessibility of the tool means that gamers who are well-adverse in PC components can dive into the real deep end and create a dream build. However, users who aren’t gamers can also easily find their way around the tool in order to build a PC which may be a gift for a family member.


The tool basically holds your hand through the PC building process which is also great. If you decide to build a PC from scratch, you essentially explore every aspect of the process from the chassis all the way to the storage. As you select each new component, the tool then updates certain information about your build including its overall cost and how much power it will use so you can add the correct power supply to the model.

Once you add a processor and graphics card to the build, it will also calculate the estimated performance levels across certain games and benchmarks.

If you’re brand-specific, the tool also lets you filter each component page by a certain name brand. So if you want to build a strictly MSI gaming PC, you can choose the brand across each component and shop for the parts in stock.

Speaking of stock, the tool also comes without the stress of worrying whether or not a certain part is in stock. The live stock updates provide you with the current stock levels of the specific component. So if the product has a “blue” stock level, it means there’s ample stock available and you won’t be hit with any delays while the suppliers get the part for your build.

Once you have selected the key components for your PC build you can then go ahead and add some accessories to it. The tool lets you sort through fans, add a cooler to the build and even some extra cables. After which, you can then add a keyboard and a mouse to the final order too.


If you don’t have a monitor, you can add one to your order and select from a range of models. There’s also the tab to add a headset, mousepad and even a webcam if you plan on using one.

All-in-all, the entire process is quite easy. If you have any errors with the build, for example, selecting an AMD chipset with an Intel board, the tool will notify you about the problem so you can choose something else.

The tool uses a compatibility-checking algorithm to ensure the components you select work together. If they don’t, you’ll get the opportunity to change that before checking out.

If you’re planning on really shopping around for new PCs, the tool also lets you create a profile on the site and save up to 3 custom builds to tweak at any time. These saved builds will also adjust to the current pricing of the products at Computer Mania so you can always create a build and monitor its price to see when the total cost would fit into your budget.


PCBuilder has definitely created a fantastic platform for all South Africans to experiment with when building a PC for their budget. The sheer level of detail one could go into creates some exciting combinations for your build and the tool is easy enough for all users to understand.

If building the PC still seems a bit daunting to you, there’s also a range of pre-built options for you to choose from and the product details list all the important information you need. This includes what games you’ll run at what frame rates by using that specific configuration. For example, the. PCBuilder Ryzen 5 5600X SPECIALIST build comes with a GeForce RTX 3060 Ti in it and can run Overwatch 2 at 420fps and Modern Warfare 2 at 165fps at 1080p.

At the moment, PCBuilder and Computer Mania are offering R1,000 off all custom builds over R14,999. So as long as your checkout build costs more than R14,999, you’ll get R1,000 off your purchase when you use the code BUILD4LESS at checkout.

You can visit the PCBuilder tool on Computer Mania’s website here and start experimenting with your future dream machine.

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