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Princess Peach Showtime Gets Four New Transformations

Ahead of its launch next month, Nintendo has shared a new gameplay video for Princess Peach Showtime revealing a range of new transformations. Up to now, we have only seen a handful of these in the flesh but Nintendo’s new video proves there’s a lot more to this game than we thought.

The transformations include Figure Skater Peach, Dashing Thief Peach, Mermaid Peach and Mighty Peach. Each transformation comes with its own unique gameplay style which players will have to master as they progress through the game.

Figure Skater Peach skates across frozen areas spinning around and knocking out enemies. Dashing Thief Peach turns the game into a platformer where Peach grapples across objects and hides away from enemies.

Mermaid Peach sings a melody which seemingly controls a school of fish. She can then move them around and collect items. There also seems to be a rhythm mini-game included in the section.

Lastly, Mighty Peach is a nod to the Power Rangers. Peach transforms into a superhero-like outfit and can pick up large objects using her hands. She can also fly through the air.

At the moment we don’t know if there are more Peach transformations in the game. With its launch just over a month away, Nintendo will likely announce more closer to its launch.

  • Figure Skater Peach – Use her practised poise to take to the rink and put her foes on thin ice. Join the other dancers in a dazzling performance filled with quick-timed spins and jumps, and skate around the competition to help your fellow performers.
  • Dashing Thief Peach– Traverse, infiltrate, and swing through this daring performance with various gadgets and sneak by the defences of the thieves at the Sour Bunch. Embrace the thrills (and charms) of espionage, then make your dramatic escape.
  • Mermaid Peach– Being beneath the sea won’t stop Peach from carrying a tune. Use her magical voice to control schools of fish or harmonize with an aquatic orchestra. Direct these friendly sea creatures to reveal pathways and help solve puzzles.
  • Mighty Peach– Look toward the sky: It’s … Mighty Peach! Go from hero to superhero and defend the locals with powerful punches and superhuman strength. Fly, fling objects and fight enemies in an action-filled spectacle on the sky and on the ground.

Princess Peach Showtime is expected to launch on 22 March exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Watch the trailer below:

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