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PS5 Slim Model Reportedly Planned for 2023

The base PS5 console is quite a behemoth in size. It sits among one of the largest video game consoles ever produced, towering over the Xbox Series X and even the initial bulky PS3s. While there’s a reason for all that extra size, it looks like Sony might be planning a revision for a PS5 Slim model in 2023 that will drastically reduce its current size in favour of a smaller, more capable piece of hardware.

According to a new report from TheLeak, Sony is prepping a PS5 Slim model to launch in Q3 2023. Sony will reportedly reduce the size and weight of the original PS5, which it has already been trying to accomplish with the lessened weight on the B and C chassis. Internally, the PS5 Slim is apparently known as the D chassis and might not even feature the “Slim” branding that previous PlayStation console iterations adopted. Additionally, the PS5 Slim model will feature a significant change to its exterior design.

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According to Insider Gaming, this PS5 Slim model is due to replace the existing model, meaning the slim model will be the only one available once released. An internal document reportedly revealed that Sony will cease production of the current PS5 model by October 2023, with remaining stock going on sale the following month. The PS5 Slim model will then go on sale in September 2023, with production expected to ramp up in April 2023.

Sources close to the site even claimed that the PS5 Pro will not arrive until at least FY2025.

The report specifically mentions that all remaining stock will go on sale after the Slim’s release, though we doubt Sony will let that slide given that it increased the console’s price in several regions of the world. Perhaps “going on sale” simply means a permanent price decrease again, which sounds more reasonable if they’re trying to push out the older models in favour of the Slim.

As with all leaks and rumours, take this with a massive grain of salt until we have confirmation from PlayStation.

Sources: The Leak, Insider Gaming

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