Star Wars Eclipse Might Not Arrive Until 2028 as Studio Still Struggles to Hire

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Star Wars Eclipse Might Not Arrive Until 2028 as Studio Still Struggles to Hire

Star Wars Eclipse, the upcoming action-adventure game from Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream, seems to be in a bit of hot water right now. According to a new report by reputable insider Tom Henderson, the game might not arrive until at least 2027 or 2028 as the studio struggles to hire new talent.

According to Henderson, Quantic Dream’s early announcement of Star Wars Eclipse was a strategic move in order to attract potential new developers to bring aboard on the team. For the most part, this hasn’t worked out very well for them as their job page is still packed with openings posted months ago.

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Because of the slow hiring process, Henderson stated that Star Wars Eclipse might apparently miss its original 2026 release window that Quantic Dream set and might be pushed back to 2027 or 2028.

Of course, this news also appears in light of toxic workplace allegations leveled against Quantic Dream in the past. Most of it was targeted at the studio’s founder David Cage, who was accused of fostering a toxic work environment at the company.

Cage also came under fire for allegedly making sexist and homophobic remarks in the past, including “In any case, in my games, all women are whores”.

Word of Quantic Dream’s toxic work environment may have deterred any developers from approaching the studio as soon as several job listings appeared following the announcement of Star Wars Eclipse.

Some speculate that this could possibly lead to the game’s cancellation at some point, though we’ll have to take all of this with a grain of salt for now. It’s unknown what the state of Quantic Dream is behind the scenes, but if they don’t manage to bring on more talent to work on Star Wars Eclipse, we should brace for quite a hefty delay.

Star Wars Eclipse is currently in development for consoles and PC.

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Source: Tom Henderson

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