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The Haunting: Blood Water Curse Appears on PS5 Sparking More Silent Hill Confusion

Over the weekend, a strange new game appeared on PS5 called The Haunting: Blood Water Curse. Now if you have been following the madness that is the Blue Box Games Studio Silent Hill mystery, you would know that this game is apparently owned and developed by the studio. The same studio has been teasing their upcoming survival horror called Abandoned but many believe it is a Silent Hill game made by Hideo Kojima.

There is a lot of proof pointing to this Abandoned game being Silent Hill but this new The Haunting: Blood Water Curse makes it all more confusing than ever. The game is apparently going to release in early access on 25 June for PS5, with a PS4, PC and Xbox release taking place sometime later.


The Blue Box Games Abandoned, Silent Hill Kojima Theory

This is according to the game’s official site. In addition, the official description for the game is the same as the one seen on Steam. Keep in mind that no one has actually played this game before. Even though it supposedly released on Steam back in December.

Sarah Fineman is a journalist who in search of her brother, Josh, visits the Red Water Woods. Hoping that she would find her brother there, she finds the woods being haunted with ghosts and comes across an occult who want to sacrifice her and her brother to complete their ritual.

Experience the game in cinematic third person perspective and fight ghosts with a camera.

The Steam version of The Haunting: Blood Water Curse also lists CREATEQ Interactive as the developer whereas the PS5 version has Blue Box Games Studios listed as the developer. You know, the studio that has no backstory, employees or games under its name.

The Haunting: Blood Water Curse Abandoned Silent Hill Hideo Kojima

On 9 April, the Steam version got an update from the so-called developers stating that CREATEQ was taking over the development of this Steam game. In addition, Blue Box Games Studios would publish it. Hasan Kahraman, who many believe is actually Hideo Kojima is credited as the game director but a the same time, the Steam post indicates that he works for CREATEQ.

It gets more confusing. Both Blue Box Games Studios and CREATEQ are not legitimate studios at all. Well, by the lack of presence people believe them to be fake. CREATEQ is a company in the Netherlands but they work on marketing solutions for retail stores. Blue Box Games Studio’s address leads to an apartment block too.

So right now everything is up in the air and as confusing as ever. The Haunting: Blood Water Curse arriving on the PS5 store could mean that the game is real and that CREATEQ and Blue Box Games are small developers with no footprint. However, it could also be something even bigger. The studio plans on releasing its interactive app on 25 June, the same day as this Haunting game is set to launch. Keep in mind that this app was actually meant to release on 22 June.

We will find out this week as the studio is set to announce its Abandoned game in the next few days. Make sure you catch up on the full mystery here.

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