Amazon is attempting to create another “Netflix for video games” with its new Luna cloud gaming service. The company announced a new approach to the recent uptake in cloud-based gaming with a low-cost solution. Amazon Luna is cheap and costs $5,99 a month for the Luna+ service. The streaming software does not require any additional hardware, unlike Google Stadia. However, there is an optional $49,99 physical controller users can purchase that can connect to a Fire TV, PC, Mac and other mobile devices.


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The service works a bit like its streaming platforms whereas there’s an interface where users can launch games from and they are streamed at a max 4K 60FPS on certain titles. So far, the company has only announced the price of a Luna+ channel which costs $5,99 per month. This package includes games such as Resident Evil 7, Control and more. Amazon will also host specific publisher channels such as a dedicated Ubisoft one offering games like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.

Amazon Luna

Unlike Google Stadia where users need to purchase hardware, their games and pay for the subscription, Amazon’s approach to Luna is much more affordable. You pay a subscription and gain access to an entire library of 100 or so games. However, users may have to pay for specific channels such as the Ubisoft one.

Amazon claims they want to create an easy way to game with simple payment methods and tier options.

“Our vision is that for too long, it’s been a little bit too complicated to game. It’s too expensive. And so Luna is our answer to that and helps customers to take out all of the complexity so that they can just play.”

Amazon Luna enters its testing phase in October and users can sign up for early access in the US today. We don’t know if the service will arrive on South African shores yet. However, the platform relies on the AWS technology which was just recently installed in Cape Town so perhaps we could see the service launch sometime in early 2021.

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