BLUETTI EB3A Review - A Lightweight Companion For Loadshedding
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BLUETTI EB3A Review – A Lightweight Companion For Loadshedding

The Bluetti EB3A is a feature-packed power solution that seems to have included everything but the kitchen sink in it. Not only does it provide up to 1,200W of surge capacity but the sheer versatility on offer here makes this one of the more feature-packed units I have tested.

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From its wireless charging to its super-bright flashlight, there are things on this Bluetti EB3A device I didn’t know I needed until I used them. It also packs Fast Dual Charging capabilities so you can charge it with both AC and solar at the same time.

The Bluetti EB3A packs a 268Wh battery meaning you can basically charge everything you need on it. The various ports also provide ample room to charge multiple devices at once. But beyond charging, the unit can also power certain technology such as TVs and even a video game console. There’s also full app integration which allows you to monitor the device and tweak certain settings and ports.

BLUETTI EB3A Review - A Lightweight Companion For Loadshedding

The Bluetti EB3A can also be charged in multiple ways. Six ways to be exact. There’s AC, solar, car charging, generator, AC and solar and AC and adapter.

The Bluetti EB3A is also a pure sine inverter, which should be obvious by now. It also has LFP4 batteries inside which promise up to 2500 cycles of up to 80% charge before they start to degrade. So that is basically a lifespan of seven years if you empty it and charge it up once a day. The unit is also certified to charge from 0 – 80% in just thirty minutes if you charge it at 430W

BLUETTI EB3A Review - A Lightweight Companion For Loadshedding

So how does this all weigh up and exactly how far can the Bluetti EB3A take you during loadshedding? That’s my aim here. I want to test the Bluetti EB3A under certain conditions to see just how powerful the unit actually is.

Bluetti EB3A Design and Features

The Bluetti EB3A is a lightweight UPS and only weighs 4.6 kg. In terms of the dimensions, it is 255 x 180 mm long and wide and 183mm tall.

When you purchase it, you’ll get it neatly snugged away in the box alongside some instruction manuals and charging cables. Given this unit can be charged with both AC and solar, it packs a cable for both.

BLUETTI EB3A Review - A Lightweight Companion For Loadshedding

The unit itself is all business in the front. Here, you’ll find all the knobs, buttons and ports needed to use it. There’s a DC output port above two DC 5521 outlets. There are also two USB A ports rated at 5V 3A. Next to that, you’ll find a USB C port rated at 100W.

At the bottom, there’s the charging AC port that maxes out at 350W. There’s also the 12-18V DC input for solar charging. There’s also a handy flashlight on this unit which is super helpful. I didn’t know I ever needed a flashlight on my UPS until I turned this on and saw how bright it was. But more on the testing later.

BLUETTI EB3A Review - A Lightweight Companion For Loadshedding

Lastly, and likely the most important port on it is the three-prong output port rated at 600W. There’s no two-prong port on this unit so you’ll need to use an adapter. Keep that in mind.

On the top, you’ll find a carry handle and a wireless charging pad. This is rated at 15W. This is another helpful addition I didn’t think I needed until I used it.

BLUETTI EB3A Review - A Lightweight Companion For Loadshedding

Each section is also powered by a button that has a green LED light on it. This indicates the section is turned on. All of this is pretty easy to understand and makes the unit incredibly approachable.

The main display on the unit is also a great place to see everything at one glance. It shows the remaining battery, how long it will last and what input and output it is receiving.

BLUETTI EB3A Review - A Lightweight Companion For Loadshedding

Apart from that, the Bluetti EB3A is a black box. I do like the pyramid design on the side. I also think some ports could have been moved to the back for a cleaner look. Perhaps the charging port at the back and the output ports on the front. Just to declutter things a little when you have more than one thing plugged in at once.

I did enjoy how small this unit was. Sure, it is not as robust as other UPS units I have tested recently and if anything, the one with the smallest battery, but it is a feisty little box that doesn’t disappoint on ports and features.

BLUETTI EB3A Review - A Lightweight Companion For Loadshedding

Bluetti EB3A Performance

The first thing you’ll want to do is download the Bluetti app. This will give you access to the unit and let you tweak various settings without ever touching the device itself. Setting this up was fairly simple. Once the unit was powered on, the app simply picked it up and I was able to access the settings.

Unfortunately, the unit itself doesn’t have any Wi-Fi so you’ll need to be within 10 meters of the unit to access it on the app. But if you do use the app, it shows all sorts of useful information including what outputs are enabled, how much power they are using as well as the charge time and battery life and remaining time.

I was disappointed to see the unit didn’t support Wi-Fi. It would enable so many more features including remote control and access from a different location. For example, I could increase the charge rate of the unit when I wasn’t at home when loadshedding stages increased.

BLUETTI EB3A Review - A Lightweight Companion For Loadshedding

Speaking of charging, the unit takes around 2 hours to go from completely empty to 100%. When set at the max 350W charge through AC, the fan also reached the max noise level of 48 dBA. It isn’t very loud which is great news too. Keep in mind that this charge time can be increased if you combine both AC and solar but it might be a cumbersome setup to get going. You might as well just leave it on AC and wait the extra time. Another 100W isn’t going to change much.

Bluetti does recommend you stay away from the Turbo Charge mode to help prolong the lifespan of the unit. It makes sense as the faster charge rate builds up heat and we know heat is bad for batteries.

BLUETTI EB3A Review - A Lightweight Companion For Loadshedding

Before I get into the performance, I just want to mention the LED light. It is pretty cool and very bright. It only uses a max of 2W. Considering this unit is made with campers in mind, this added feature makes a world of difference. Also, loadshedding at night is a pain and this light came in handy more times than I could count.

So what about the performance of the unit? Well, the Bluetti EB3A has definitely been designed for backup scenarios and for people who don’t have large TVs and high-energy tech. The great scenario, this Bluetti EB3A would be the perfect companion for someone who has a 50 to 65-inch TV and just wants to binge Netflix during load shedding. But you can push the device further. It just won’t last as long. I tested the unit under a range of scenarios.

BLUETTI EB3A Review - A Lightweight Companion For Loadshedding

55-inch TV + Modem + Lamp

The most common setup in a household is a 55-inch TV connected to a modem and one lamp. In this case, the Bluetti EB3A lasted around 2.5 hours. I could increase this by enabling an energy-saving mode on the TV which extended the battery life of the unit over 5 hours.

65-inch TV + PS5 / Xbox Series X

If you don’t want to miss out on gaming while load-shedding, the Bluetti EB3A can also help here but it isn’t exactly the best solution. In this case, you’ll definitely want to enable the power-saving mode on your TV to help reduce consumption.

BLUETTI EB3A Review - A Lightweight Companion For Loadshedding

The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S both use 230W of power and combine that with your TV you’ll likely get close to 400W. With this in mind, you can game for just over an hour and a bit longer by skimping on the TV backlight. I would recommend using a monitor if you have one around as they use a lot less power. My 32-inch Optix monitor only uses 30W of power which is definitely better than the 280W my TV uses.

Of course, if you use a PC this is a different story and it all depends on your components. My PC draws 400W of power alone so add the TV in and it reaches close to 600W of power. Here, we’re really maxing out the Bluetti EB3A and it won’t last at all.

BLUETTI EB3A Review - A Lightweight Companion For Loadshedding

The Nintendo Switch is then a different story, The console uses a measly 8W of power at the max. This will barely make a dent in the Bluetti EB3A. So if you’re loadshedding, maybe finish up Tears of the Kingdom first. I suggest you do that instead of trying to play Starfield on your gaming PC.

Bluetti EB3A Other Devices and Charging

Where the Bluetti EB3A does shine is its versatility for other devices. It is a helpful charging box and can charge anything. The wireless charger is great and the USB ports mean you can charge whatever you need to. I often just used them to charge my watch and other power banks I needed on the go.

BLUETTI EB3A Review - A Lightweight Companion For Loadshedding

The device does offer a surge of up to 1200W but that still doesn’t do much when the battery capacity is limited to 268Wh. A kettle won’t boil, the hair dryer didn’t turn on and you won’t use this to power your fridge. It is made for certain scenarios where you need a bit of power here and there. TV watching is definitely a win here.

The Bluetti EB3A might not be the biggest and most robust power solution I have used but I think there are a lot of people out there looking for something affordable just to power a TV, lamp and modem for two hours a day. This is the product you should look at. For R8,999, it is a lot cheaper than even your most basic cell battery inverters and the LFP batteries will last a long time. But be sure to keep its limitations in mind too.

This Bluetti EB3A review is based on a unit sent to us by the brand. You can pick one up for R8,999 (often on sale for R5,999). 

Bluetti EB3A


The BLUETTI EB3A is a feature-packed UPS and power solution that includes everything but the kitchen sink. While its UPS mode lacks a big enough battery to carry high-energy tech, the unit makes for a great companion for general charging and use when you’re in a bind.

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  • Andries Conradie 9 February 2024

    Beware of Bluetti powerstations in South Africa.
    Mine stopped working. Went to their website. No telephone number. Only an e-mail address services from China. After a long time, I was asked to send it to a house in a golfing estate. Did so. Technician said he had never worked on a Bluetti 200 Max before. Been months. They cannot tell me what is wrong or fix it. Now I have a R25,000.00 brick/doorstoppper. Be warned.

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