Stellar Blade is Reportedly Selling Out in Japan

Stellar Blade is reportedly a massive hit in Japan. New reports reveal that the latest PS5 exclusive from developer Shift Up is quickly selling out in the country as some retail stores are limiting sales to one copy per customer. Another report shows the game even being sold it in stores around Tokyo.

Twitter/X user Genki recently revealed that retail stores in Akihabara were limiting the amount of copies shoppers could purchase to just one per customer, indicating that there was limited stock available to meet up with the quick sales and high demand. Serkan Toto of Kantan Games chipped in, stating that physical copies were completely sold out in several stores around Tokyo.

Sony has yet to release any official sales numbers for Stellar Blade but by the sound of things, it seems to be quite a massive success in Japan. This also doesn’t take into account players who purchased the game digitally, so we’ll have to wait for the numbers from PlayStation to gauge just how successful it really is.

Despite the booming success of Stellar Blade, developer Shift Up says it currently has no plans to make DLC for the game – at least not yet. Elsewhere, PlayStation has reportedly been providing refunds for the game digitally after consumers claimed that the title was heavily censored in its launch version compared to what was shown in gameplay trailers.

Stellar Blade is available exclusively for PS5. Make sure you also read our full review.

Source: Genki

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