Telkom VS Gaming Esports Comic Con Africa 2023

Telkom VS Gaming Finals and All Esports Action You Can Expect at Comic Con Africa 2023

Telkom VS Gaming, the official gaming and connectivity partner of Comic Con Africa, is set to elevate the gaming experience where they will once again host the league finals between 22-25 September 2023.

Comic Con Africa promises an action-packed weekend where esports competitions, cosplay, artists, and gaming enthusiasts come together to celebrate pop culture and gaming.

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Telkom remains committed to driving the local esports industry forward by providing improved spectator access, increased awareness, education and a fun and rewarding environment for both professional and casual gaming enthusiasts. This year, Telkom will elevate the gaming experience for fans and participants alike in gaming hall where attendees will witness the Telkom VS Gaming Masters, the Telkom VS Gaming Championships, eDiski and High School eSport League (HSEL) finals.

Telkom VS Gaming Esports Comic Con Africa 2023

Throughout the year VS Gaming runs various online leagues for various gaming titles and those competing in this year’s finals stand-to-win their share of R615 000.00. Fans can expect an exciting line-up of esports tournaments at Comic Con Africa 2023:

VS Gaming Masters Season 8 Finals

In 2022, the quest to find the VS Masters Final Champion took place over four days with the grand finals keeping fans at the edge of their seats as Nixuh was crowned the VS Masters Champions for 2022. The VS Gaming Masters Finals at Comic Con Africa will see a total of 40 players across eight teams, namely Bravado Gaming, Nibble, Royalty Esports, Goliath Gaming, VYBN Esports, Nixuh, GFX MuscleMen and KitsuneZA compete for this season’s Masters champion.

VS Gaming Championship Season 3 Finals

The 2022 VS Gaming Championship Grand finals saw more challengers rising through the ranks with more attention being placed on the league. In a game of best of 7, White Rabbit Gaming went up against ACES where they claimed the title of Telkom VS Champions after three consecutive overtimes with a final score of 4-0 to White Rabbit Gaming. This year, the VS Gaming Championship finals will see eight teams, namely Water, Bird, White Rabbit Gaming, Monarch Realm, Unity Esports, Team Fusion, Reformed and Red for this season’s Championship champion title.

Telkom VS Gaming Esports Comic Con Africa 2023

eDiski Season 6 Finals

Previous qualifier events took place online and were open to the public to enter, however, this year will witness eight players go neck-and-neck to claim their spot in the grand finals to be crowned the eDiski champion. The finals will showcase the talents of the following eight individuals: Zaid, Cassim, Yvng Savage, NansTwoTeth, BOBO, Baller3456, Deevak2309, and Zaheero.

High School Esports League (CS:GO) Season 6 Finals

The first-ever season of the CS:GO High School Esports League saw Paul Roos Gymnasium team dominate the season from beginning to end. However, in 2022, gaming fans got to witness Parklands Collage go up against Rondebosch at Comic Con Africa, which saw Parklands being crowned the VS High School CS:GO champions. This year, the top 2 schools, Hoërskool Waterkloof and the returning champion Parklands College from the online portion of the season will contend for 1st and 2nd place to be crowned the next VS High School CS:GO champions.

High School Esports League (Rocket League) Season 3 Finals

The first season of the Rocket League High School esports league saw Curro Hazeldean take the title. Last year, Paul Roos dominated and was ultimately named the HSEL Rocket League Champions. During the Rocket League High School finals, the top 2 schools, Hoërskool Waterkloof and Hoërskool Oos-Moot from the online portion of the season will contend for 1st and 2nd place.

Telkom VS Gaming Esports Comic Con Africa 2023

The VS Gaming leagues offer significant prize pools and showcase the best talent in South African esports. These tournaments will feature intense matches, skilled players, and thrilling gameplay that spectators won’t want to miss. For those unable to attend the Finals action live at Comic Con Africa, you will not miss out as all the Telkom VS Gaming tournaments finals will be available to stream via the Telkom VS Gaming YouTube channel, giving viewers the experience and excitement to cheer for their favourite teams as they compete for victory.

Telkom VS Gaming remains committed to fostering a dynamic gaming community and providing an environment that brings gaming to life in new and exciting ways. The Telkom Next Gen Village at Comic Con Africa will be a hub of activity, offering fans the chance to interact with their favourite gamers, comic creators, cosplay icons, and even celebrities from films and series.

Mark your calendars for Telkom VS Gaming League Finals at this years’ Comic Con Africa and gather your friends and family for an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a casual gamer, a hardcore enthusiast, or just love all things gaming and pop culture, the Telkom Next Gen Village has something exciting in store for everyone. For more information on the Telkom Next Gen Village at Comic Con Africa, visit Instagram or Twitter.

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