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Creative Assembly Responds to Sexual Harassment Allegations

Sega’s Creative Assembly, the developer behind Alien: Isolation and the upcoming multiplayer FPS Hyenas, has responded to some serious sexual harassment allegations directed at the company recently. This is in relation to one of its former employees, Baj Singh, who was accused of multiple instances of sexual abuse and harassment by other workers.

Over the past few days, multiple employees from Sega and Creative Assembly came forward accusing Singh of sexual misconduct and harassment that has been taking place at the company. Singh was the Project Art Director for Total War: Warhammer and is currently a freelance art director. However, one former employee named McSammi took to Twitter to say it’s “not just him that needs to take responsibility.”

McSammi also claimed that Singh was “reported a lot” but used to “joke about it publicly in the office” too. Creative Assembly has now responded to these allegations, saying in a recent statement:

“We have been made aware of deeply concerning and serious allegations regarding a former CA employee. We recognise how important, and often difficult, it is for individuals to speak up about these experiences – and we welcome those who feel able to do so. We are dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment for our people, and ensuring they are heard. It is clear we need to do better. We are investigation this matter through an external party to fully understand what happened.”

As the company stated, it’s aware of the escalating situation and is currently investigating the matter.

Sadly, this just marks another chapter of serious sexual abuse and harassment allegations surrounding the gaming industry. Activision Blizzard continues to face these allegations for encouraging toxic workplace culture and sexual misconduct. The Call of Duty publisher has since gone to lengths to remove the accused parties, but there’s evidently still work to be done to enforce a better and safer working environment for employees.

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