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Cricut Leads The Way For Brand Ambassadors

If you don’t know what Cricut is, it’s a range of smart cutting machines (and accessories) that you can use to personalise, customise and be creative in any aspect of your life. From vinyl and stickers (for just about anything!) to making personalised mugs and apparel, a Cricut machine becomes your best friend for inspired projects. But Cricut isn’t just about their smart machines and what you can do with them – Cricut is also a family, a community, and they well and truly proved that during their Johannesburg Ambassadors Day on 21 January held at The Nexus Hub in Randburg.

Cricut Ambassadors are members of their growing community around the world of people who love and use Cricut products every day. These are the lovely, smiling souls you will see at the Cricut demonstrations at events like Comic Con Africa and Hobby X, not to mention the in-store demos at the Cricut retailer stores where you can ask questions, get advice and see the latest products from the Cricut brand. In order to become a Cricut Ambassador, you need to have a passion for the brand and show how you can use Cricut in innovative and exciting ways. The Cricut Ambassadors in the JHB region were invited to a day where they could mingle with other Ambassadors and Cricut could show their appreciation for the Ambassadors that promote their brand and keep the community interacting with their projects.

The day started off with a delicious breakfast spread to go with tea and coffee, while the Ambassadors got to meet each other, greet those they know from many many demo days and events, and chat to Martin Kruger, Director of Sales and Marketing for Cricut META (Middle East, Turkey and Africa), and Jowilna Nolte, Lead Ambassador for Cricut META. The Ambassadors split up into groups and were tasked with creating a unique mug using the Cricut Mug Press. Each group was given a different Cricut Value and they came up with some really awesome designs based on values like kindness, teamwork and respect.

Lunch was another delectable spread and more time for Ambassadors to socialise and get to know one another. Many ideas for collaboration were discussed over the tasty treats, so look out on the Cricut Family South Africa Facebook group for the creative projects to come and outstanding special promotions like the promotion you can find here! The day was concluded with refreshing ice creams to combat the heat wave and many smiles.

“When like minded people get together there is magic in the air. That’s the only way to describe a day where Cricut Ambassadors get together – magical. Friendships and creativity are forged and celebrated. And the added bonus, creativity is the winner at the end of the day.”
Jowilna Nolte, Cricut Lead Ambassador – META

It’s a wonderful thing to see a brand like Cricut that really appreciates and celebrates the brand ambassadors who give the brand such a fun and creative element. It truly is a “Cricut Family!”

Check out the video from the Cricut Ambassadors Day below:

To find out more about where to follow Cricut, you can get their information on their Linktree here or go to their global website here.

Written By: Sheree Buchholz

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