CS: GO Vac Bans Over 600,000 In February 2019

Maybe, just maybe, some of the CS: GO cheaters and hackers are starting to give up. The CS: GO VAC bans have slowed down a bit in February but the number of bans is still impressive, to say the least. In December 2018, Valve swung its mighty banhammer, hitting a whopping 622,000 accounts. January’s CS: GO bans came in at just over one million and February 2019’s CS: GO VAC bans clock in at 622,000 just like in December.

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For those who are unaware, before the game went free-to-play with the Danger Zone update, there were never over 200,000 bans per month. Many CS: GO players aren’t happy that so many hackers have flooded to the game since it is so easy to create a free new account.

These numbers come from SteamDB and you can check them out for yourself. Sure, Valve might be banning a lot of accounts, but without some form of hardware bans for repeated cheaters, things might not get much better anytime soon. One reason for the lower (yet still extremely high) CS: GO VAC bans in February could be that some hackers have given up.

Alternatively, updated hacks could be more difficult for the VAC system to pick up, which would mean things might be even worse now as more cheaters slip through the cracks. Whatever the case may be, Valve is trying to do something, but it might not be enough at this moment. Keep in mind that it does take some time to gain Prime Status, so playing with Prime Matchmaking should make the experience better, for now.

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How many hackers and cheaters have you encountered since CS: GO went free-to-play? Let us know in the comment section below.

Gaming | PC | CS: GO Vac Bans Over 600,000 In February 2019
Gaming | PC | CS: GO Vac Bans Over 600,000 In February 2019






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